More hidden waterfalls


I’m working on a YouTube thingie for this and if there is enough interest in it I might go ahead and do a PDF for it – but since upgrading the programs I used to make PDFs don’t work so I need to sort that out  (or re-boot back in the old OS where I can use them) and won’t bother unless I get asked a LOT.

The first one I wanted to try from the beginning, using a few of the Cherry Lynn doily dies.  Not done the sentiment bit on this one yet, but I have an idea. Just a couple of the waterfalls, but you get  the idea, I think:

It’s so dark and dismal here the photos aren’t all that great. And I know that not everyone is going to have the die I have but circles and scallops? I figure MOST people will have SOME way to cut them (Nesties, Cricut/Silhouette/Craft Robo, Big Shot dies, whatever) so I made the next one to use as my basis for instructions.

I have mentioned before that my Dad always signed his cards to my Mom “Forever and a day”  – I found the quote he MIGHT have gotten the idea from (although he is not a big poetry fan so maybe not!)

I know some people like the basic “cut this to this size and stick it in this exact spot” sort of instructions, whereas I tend to give more “this is the basic idea behind it, here’s what I did, here’s how you can alter it to fit YOUR ideas” instructions but I’ve tried to take photos to accommodate both this time.  We’ll see how it goes.

All papers are from a DCWV paper pad called Whimsy, that I have had for YEARS and barely used. and I’m using up those flower shaped eyelets that I have had for even longer!


15 thoughts on “More hidden waterfalls

  1. Oh, sorting out the instructions would be great! Thank you!

  2. loved your hidden water fall card. I would love a copy of text (verse) you used for your card, if that wouldn’t be to much trouble. Also really loved the wedding card you did. How clever was that!

    • Check back in an hour 🙂 I’m just rushing to finish up the PDF before DD comes home from her last day of school. The PDF will have the text circles included.


  3. I would love the to watch the youtube. a PDF would help, not always necessary.

  4. I like this waterfall so much more that the traditional cards. Please, more detailed instructions. I’m not an experimenter. Please??

  5. After looking again, I think I need more instructions. I can’t see how the various size circles are attached, so they flip. Man, I so want to do this card. I also have a secret pal for the summer, and one of these would blow her away. If you have time, or the inclination, perhaps you could send out more detailed directions? I’ve got dies of circles and scallops, so I have a start!

    • It’s really no different to the standard waterfall 🙂 The only trick is to add the adhesive to the back of the scallop so it falls only on the little creased area of the pull tab BEHIND the scallop. I tend to use “dry” adhesive, like a tape runner, peel-off tape rolls or ATG gun. But I wonder if something like the Tombow liquid would also work? I’ll try to sort out the instructions today!


  6. Oh wow! A hidden waterfall! Dare I attempt to teach this to my card club?
    When it’s my turn to teach I have to have everything all pre-cut and all the pieces in kits, like a baggie. They can do their own stamping, but I bring the stamps and pads. They bring their basic kits of glue and scissors, and a few other things. I am not sure I have this one down in my brain well enough to teach it. I will have to try some first! This is the most fabulous thing I’ve seen in a long time. Regular waterfalls take me a long time to make! This one might too!

    • I would say it takes NO LONGER than a regular waterfall. And teaching it should be easy once I do the instructions 🙂

      watch this space 🙂


  7. Can’t you just print to PDF? I have that option on my macbook, it’s not even something I installed, it’s just there all the time. I hit print, and in the print dialog menu there is a PDF option.

    • Yes, but that works for something that is already composed. It’s creating the file that is the problem. I don’t like using Photoshop for that, I prefer Appleworks as it is easier (and better) but so ancient it won’t work WELL past 10.5. It works with 10.6 but it’s a bit glitchy, lots of lag and the resizing of images sometimes just will not work at all. DH say Omnigraffle is the way to go, but I hate to pay fo that and then find he has totally misunderstood my method 🙂

      Apple have also build in creating multi-page PDFs with ease in later OS versions, where before I had to have a completely different program to do that. It’s just a matter of having a play and if I can’t make it happen I can re-boot n Tiger and I know that will work 🙂


  8. I remember those flower shaped eyelets. I was just thinking about eyelets the other day, how they evolved from round to a few rudimentary shapes to everything nowadays. Although brads did disperse their popularity. Anyway, I stopped by to see a hidden waterfall. I confess that I like this look even better than regular waterfall cards. I am going to have to try this at some point. I might even attempt this mythical double waterfall. I should pester my friend for the pieces she has to get an idea of sizing. I need to clone myself so the clone can sit at work all day while I stay home and play.

    • I clicked the link (WAS is your blog that had it? WOYWW post? I forget now and there are too many to search thru :)) and it looked interesting, pulling from each side of the card. Somehow it wasn’t what I was imagining – I don’t know WHAT I was imagining, to be fair, but I thought somehow that ONE pull would produce the waterfall effect (like maybe they were interleaved somehow). I’ll have to find it again and go back and have a look. I know I had to view the blog with the link using Safari, rather than my usual browse so if I look in my history there wil be only and handful that I had to view to do WOYWW and hopefully it will be easy to find!!



  9. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, jenx 149

  10. Hi Mary Anne,
    I am an experimenter like you so photos are all that I need. I’m not sure mine will turn out as lovely as yours but I will definitely give this a go!
    I use a PDF printer that seems to work on most platforms – you can find it at bullzip dot com. I hope that helps.
    Regards, Jaqi

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