WOYWW 164 – or is it? (no, it really is 163!)


I am at a loss.  Last week the “next” WOYWW number was 162.  161 was the 4th July, so 162 should have been on the 11th of July.  I dutifully noted than and named my post as such.  At some point I noticed that LOTS of people including Julia, had it as 163.  So I changed mine.  But it’s buggin’ me.  I am assuming today will be listed as 164 so that is what I am putting.  If it’s different when I see the WOYWW post, I’ll change it.  But where, oh where did 162 go?? (Apparently, it was on holiday with Julia, our fearless leader in this WOYWW lark)

It’s gotten to be a habit (well, OK so for like two weeks) for me to snap my desk on Tuesday, tidy up, and show what it looks like ready for Wednesday, and show what I am going to be working on.

Here’s the mess, as of 2PM Tuesday.  Note there is an actual layout on the side table – that is for the Simple Recipes monthly class on UKScrappers. You can see it bigger here.

By 5PM it looked a whole lot better.  I promise you I did NOT just shove it all to the side.  I actually tidied it all away.  Before getting to my crafty project for Wednesday,  I am showing you my next big task.  Have I mentioned (oh, only about 100 times) how much I loathe mounting unmounted stamps?

I have two sets from Oxford Impressions that are chock-a-block full – must be at least 25 images on each sheet. The little buttons we got in a gift bag from DDs school.  I they are pretty thin, although not flat, but I think they will be fab on a layout of the olympics. The little black stamps?  I got them for this place that buys up stuff from businesses that have gone under.  There are loads of little foam stamps, all on little acrylic mounts.  I think they cost me £2.  I think they will make interesting repeat patterns.

I cleared all that away and dragged out the thing I am actually looking forward to finishing, that was buried under the pile o’ mess.

Given what you know of me, no prizes for guessing what THAT will eventually turn in to.  I will finish it up today and hopefully share it tomorrow! So that’s what’s on MY workdesk.  What’s on yours? Can’t wait to see.  Fingers crossed Blogger will be more cooperative than it was LAST week.  Seems that no sooner do I solve one problem then they change something and another one crops up.  GRRRR.

56 thoughts on “WOYWW 164 – or is it? (no, it really is 163!)

  1. Hiya! Have you seen Tack n’ Peel? It’s a HUGE time / scissor / sanity saver for unmounted stamps!

    I’m green with envy over those Olympics buttons… 🙂

    Thanks for your visit the other day. I’m awfully late for WOYWW, but at least I’m here!

    Susan #126

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, in response to your query on where my images I was working on came from, there are from Pink Petticoat and called Ice Christmas. I have finished them now if you want to see the finished article

  3. no wonder you’re confused. i looked back and it seems Julia has #163 for both July 11 and July 18 (no #162) anyway, that means we really are now in #163.

  4. congrats on being no 1 this week! i had no idea there was some confusion with the numbering since i don’t put a number (i would get too confused). hmm, maybe i should take a picture on Tuesday instead of rushing on Wednesday!

  5. Glad I’m not the only messy crafter out there!! I am trying to reform myself though. Thanks for the peek! #38

  6. Wow, I love the hidden waterfall cards, they look stunning.
    Emma #109

  7. I also copied the number last week and still not sure which is correct. It looks like a telescope card you are making?

    Carol 164

  8. thanks for stopping by I haven’ tried already sticky felt but do put Heat n bond Ultra Hold on the back before cutting and I use 100% wool felt the stuff from the craft stores doesn’t cut as clean.

  9. Busy exciting desk with loads of ideas. jenx

  10. Thanks for your visit, Mary Anne. That’s a very good idea, to water down the inks if you want them less intense. I agree, there’s not a lot you can do with already pale ones! These colours are so delicious… I’m looking forward to making up some flowers now.

    Shoshi #3

  11. wow, stash envy big time over here!! I am with you on the stamp mount! K x

  12. OMG! You have a LOT of goodies here. I love them!!!

  13. What a fantastic workspace…….mine was like that earlier too. Messy desks are busy desks ! I agree I wish all stamps were mounted x

  14. Never tried mounting my own stamps so don’t know what its like 🙂

    TFS. Happy WOYWW. Mikes Gal #88

  15. Love your crafty space and admire the tidying!

    Rebecca #137

  16. I think it is WOYWW #163 for the second time because last week was 162 disguising itself as 163. I dunno. I just copy whatever number Julia puts at the top. I left the number off my post this week. I used to hate unmounted stamps too but after getting inundated with them after joining Club Scrap. Someone else showed me how to use their tack it again and again glue on the back so they can be used on acrylic mounts. Now I don’t hate UMs so much. Love your work area, lots of good stuff and lots of space. What is the plastic bin you have your ink pads in? Judy #134

  17. I don’t envy you having to mount all those stamps. The cling mount stuff is sooo sticky
    EllieWee #91 xxx

  18. Well done on hitting the number 1 spot! I have mounted all my stamps on EZmount, including those that used to be on wood blocks. Because I am tight with my EZmount, I cut all the stamp sheets up close to the images, and arrange them more or less touching on the foam, and then I just whizz round each one with a sharp craft knife. I keep some rubbing alcohol nearby to clean excess sticky off the knife now and then.
    I scrolled down and was interested in your marbelling experiments. When I ran a nursery I think I used to use white vinegar in the water with squeezy bottles of bulk-buy poster paint. We did buy the ready mixed inks for the older children to use too and had loads of fun with them. You can also do it with baby oil and ink, but unless you have a very light touch, you can get oil marks on the paper. You’e made me want to play again! Kate #131

  19. Love those wee team GB buttons! So many doily dies – lovely!
    Bernice #25

  20. Cant believe how quickly you tidied up, love the stamps, Ive always fancied one with a hot air balloon, not really sure why! especially as I dont really like stamping.

  21. I looked at your layout closer.
    Very cute! And I love the layering 🙂

  22. Thanks for visiting me – wonderful ideas for my cupcake but it is in fact a needlecase! would you have guessed that I wonder??

  23. Sending you a sympathetic hug ref mounting your stamps. The folks as Snazzy Stamping don’t – they use tack and peel, but it doesn’t help with storage!

    Those foam stamps on acrylic blocks – can you send me a link to the business you talked about? They’re ideal for school when the kids are doing tessalations, and I wouldn’t mind a set for myself, assuming they still have any left…..

    I think the polo was one long tea and cake break for some people, cos they set up gazebos and laid out full buffets etc… we mainly went because it was a chance to experience something out of the norm. At the end of the month it’s an Olympic footie match – Lil Miss B won tickets at school!

    What is it you want to know about the cog? It’s a laser cut one from Tando creative, inked with Versamark and triple embossed with my own mix. I won’t be at the August crop, if there is one, as we’re on holiday – so ask away by email…

    Thanks for stopping by.

  24. Happy WOYWW. Congratulations on being No.1. Lots going on in your craft room and so much to look at. I hate mounting stamps – in fact, I don’t! Most of my stamps are clear ones and the few unmounted are waiting to be sorted. Ali x #113

  25. Great busy desk! Love the side table! Have a good day!
    Glenda 98

  26. Love your space, very envious

  27. A busy desk mary ann and you have some lovely stamps there!!!
    Jackie 48

  28. It’s WOYWW 163, honest!

    Now that was a messy desk you started out with on Tuesday wasn’t it Mary Anne, but like me, you have one of those little folding tables that works so well as an extension. ……..I wouldn’t be without mine.

    Loving your new stamps. I don’t like backing them myself either, I really have trouble cutting them out neatly and have messed up several in the past.
    Happy Crafting!

  29. I am tempted to get another desk to use, like your side desk! That’ll solve my lack of space problem! Patsy from HeARTworks and papemelroti

  30. Hi there, I’m amazed at how your desk can go from chaos to calm in a very short time. I hate mounting stamps … in fact, will do anything to avoid the necessity … so you’re not alone 🙂 It will be interesting to see how all these circles turn out. Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #75

  31. Only me again, I think you have the bigger RUB, I have that one too with my ink pads in too. This RUB is half the size and come from Hobby Craft, complete with the little boxes for £5.99 – bargain! A x

  32. I like the pic of all your circles cut out and the sheet of card with all the holes in – it really pleases me!! Can’t explain why, I’m a bit strange like that…ask Julia! LOL!!
    You are good, mounting those stamps even though you detest doing it – I would prevaricate and end up cleaning the bathroom or something 😀
    Hugs, LLJ #70 xx

  33. The foam stamps would be great for journalling as well. I don’t mind mounting stamps, can sit there with my sticky scissors and cut away happily, especailly with stamps as nice as those.
    Ann B

  34. I love those stamps, just treated myself to one of the sheets..not mounted yet..but have been stamping! Trace x 56

  35. I have it as #163 – made it that last week and then renamed. Great stamps, but I loathe mounting bits of rubber too, even if they are precious. Happy with stamps that come cushion mounted with the cling back – all done, all nicely cut out. Good tidy up too.
    Ros. #80

  36. Well done on top spot! I love those plates of stamps – fabulous images. Your desk is busy – love all your storage boxes. Have a great day, Helen 20 (I think)

  37. Hi Mary Ann I love your layout. Those school photos are a treasure. They are a great yearly record even if they are getting more expensive by the year. I wonder if the school kids today will have more pictures actually taken at school as they have their camera phones. I don’t have any of me in uniform at all. I’m with you on the stamp mounting – yukky sticky job!

  38. I could happily get lost in that craft room of yours!
    caroline #63

  39. great looking desk. I love those Oxford Impressions stamps! I hate mounting stamps too and now I am just using Aleene’s tack and tack it over again as a glue base. Hope you have a great week ! Vickie #67

  40. I have it as 163 too as I joined in two weeks ago – unusual for me nowadays as I dont manage to join as much as I would like too! Fancy not liking mounting stamps thats something I do like although my scissors do get a bit sticky and bunged up so I can see where you are coming from there! Not joined in a UKS challenge for years now – something I really should remedy – oh to have more time! Nice to see you have a busy and industrious desk there (mind you you always do!) Thanks for sharing – Sunshine Girl No. 58 (wow and its still only 6.30am!)

  41. I love the 2 step desk pics, TFS!

  42. I was one that got totally lost on what week we were on. I like the look of the Oxford impressions stamps & so many in each pack & could do so much with those. i’ll be checking them out later today . Happy crafting Jill # 52

  43. Are you getting to go see the games? I would love to do that one, although I love the commentaries and the pleasure of being on my couch in my pj’s to watch them, lol waving hi from hills of North Carolina 🙂 ( not yet numbered )

  44. Congrats on being number one – no matter what week we are on (I didn’t put one in my title as I was MIA last week). You have lots of fun things on your desk! The bird with the doily background looks great; can’t wait to see the finished product!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #36ish

  45. Great collection of stamps…I’m not too impressed with mounting them either, try not to!
    Jan #34

  46. Those are some really fabulous stamps. I do love stamps. #30

  47. AAAGGH< it always wants me to log in and I lose all I type! craft room looks fab! ready for someone (me!!) to come and play!!!! Thank you for my snoop!! Have a great week! HaPpY WoyWw!!!

    ((Lyn)) # 28
    I’ll use a different email this time!!!

  48. I can relate to messy desks>What interesting playthings are on there.I never know what day it is so not sure what post.i just go by Julia’s number on her desk.Does it really matter?

  49. Love your workspace, all that lovely light coming in too. You have a serious amount of stash there too, slight envy here………love those stamps too, so many on each sheet. Not sure of the numbers anymore, you have put doubt into my mind, I just follow the leader……Happy WOYWW, Anne #9

  50. hahah I didnt even know there was a glitch on numbers, I just looked at my past numbers and posted the next one. opps I didnt follow the leader-right or wrong tee hee
    Bridget #5

  51. love those stamps such great collection in one spot. Thanks for sharing the page looks great love the title. have a great day!

  52. I hope you feel well and truly proud of yourself for tidying. Your desk looks amazing.

    cheers, rachel #5

  53. Those foam stamps caught my eye. Very impressive and the price was right, too. Happy WOYWW from # 6.

  54. It’s defo 163 this week! Love your creative space – even if a bit messy it looks busy and productive. You’ve got some great stash there, too, all those wonderful stamps!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #3

  55. Love your stamps but am particularly envious over that tray – have been wanting a set for the longest of times – had one but they must have broken as I don’t know what happened to them!

    I lost count of the weeks LONG ago!

    Have a fabulous WOYWW and enjoy that #1 spot ( I was SO hopeful there for a moment – lol!)

    Create With Joy – #2

  56. Thanks for sharing

    Kerry # 4

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