WOYWW 164 – or is it? (no, it really is 163!)

I am at a loss.  Last week the “next” WOYWW number was 162.  161 was the 4th July, so 162 should have been on the 11th of July.  I dutifully noted than and named my post as such.  At some point I noticed that LOTS of people including Julia, had it as 163.  So I changed mine.  But it’s buggin’ me.  I am assuming today will be listed as 164 so that is what I am putting.  If it’s different when I see the WOYWW post, I’ll change it.  But where, oh where did 162 go?? (Apparently, it was on holiday with Julia, our fearless leader in this WOYWW lark)

It’s gotten to be a habit (well, OK so for like two weeks) for me to snap my desk on Tuesday, tidy up, and show what it looks like ready for Wednesday, and show what I am going to be working on.

Here’s the mess, as of 2PM Tuesday.  Note there is an actual layout on the side table – that is for the Simple Recipes monthly class on UKScrappers. You can see it bigger here.

By 5PM it looked a whole lot better.  I promise you I did NOT just shove it all to the side.  I actually tidied it all away.  Before getting to my crafty project for Wednesday,  I am showing you my next big task.  Have I mentioned (oh, only about 100 times) how much I loathe mounting unmounted stamps?

I have two sets from Oxford Impressions that are chock-a-block full – must be at least 25 images on each sheet. The little buttons we got in a gift bag from DDs school.  I they are pretty thin, although not flat, but I think they will be fab on a layout of the olympics. The little black stamps?  I got them for this place that buys up stuff from businesses that have gone under.  There are loads of little foam stamps, all on little acrylic mounts.  I think they cost me £2.  I think they will make interesting repeat patterns.

I cleared all that away and dragged out the thing I am actually looking forward to finishing, that was buried under the pile o’ mess.

Given what you know of me, no prizes for guessing what THAT will eventually turn in to.  I will finish it up today and hopefully share it tomorrow! So that’s what’s on MY workdesk.  What’s on yours? Can’t wait to see.  Fingers crossed Blogger will be more cooperative than it was LAST week.  Seems that no sooner do I solve one problem then they change something and another one crops up.  GRRRR.