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Christmas printables?

Yes, yes, I know.  WAY too early to be thinking about this – or so I thought! But I have looked at my blog stats and am amazed to see that the most viewed (and most downloaded) items are… yep, you guessed it, Christmas printables!

So I guess if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?

I have been sitting around waiting for a service guy and really didn’t want to start anything fun and/or messy till he was here, and he’s late.  So I was just watching the cameras and playing on my Mac.  This is what I came up with:

Two PDFs, set one and set two.

I thought I would have a play and try to come up with a few variations to share. The most basic is just cut the big block and mat it on a 5 x 5 card front.

You could also do it on a larger 5 x 7 front, leaving more room for the CHRISTMAS word, although it’s just about OK on the 5 x 5 size.

You can add one of the gift tags too, pop-dotted on top:

I’ve just sort of propped this up so you can see that it would make a nice easel card too:

You could add a few tags, straight or wonky.  I matted and popped the middle one, adding a ribbon too.

Or you could use one of the strips.

Or you can cut the set of single letters.

NONE of the greens in my photos are really true, not on my monitor, and probably not on yours!  This shows the SAME file, one (the more Christmas green) printed with the VIVID PHOTO option on my Canon, the lighter more celery colour (actually closer than the above photo to the “real” shade) using the Standard colour option. I took that photo in front of the sunny window (YAY!  SUN, FINALLY) :

That’s just what I came up with quickly.  Now the boiler guy is here making noise and asking questions to I’ll deal with that, have lunch, and get on with my more messy play.

But not till I tidy up!