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Sunday-someplace-else (Instagram links)

I am intrigued by Instagram.  I have the app but have yet to use it.  It came up at the crop I attended yesterday and it got me thinking about how I might use it for my scrapbooking.  I did a little research and here are a few of my favourite Instagram links for you:

TechNewsDaily has 6 tips for using Instagram here

Cheat sheet by FatMumSlim.

Instagram photo strip tutorial by College Prep

Geeksugar has 11 ways to print Instagram photos linked in the post here.

MakingUseOf has six sites that can help “enhance the Instagram experience

Get the app 100 Cameras in 1 for 100 different effects

Sort of related, Instagram filters converted to Photoshop actions, by Daniel Box.

Check out the 10 cool things to do with Instagram from MacWorld here.  And what about making a cushion from your Instagram photos?  Might be a fun way to commemorate an event.

Now I just have to give it a go.