Card with Waterfall Circles

Oh how I dithered over the title.  First, I thought Circular Waterfall Card but then I thought people would think the CARD was a circle.  Then maybe Circles Waterfall Card, which was a bit better.  Maybe Waterfall Card with Circles? No I think Card with Waterfall Circles is best.

If you read this regularly you know me by now.  I tend to obsess about a new technique till I’ve done it to death.  The first one is all about figuring out the method.  During that process the ideas for variations come fast and furious, as do improvements on the original.

For this card, I went back to my scrap bin – observant readers will perhaps recall seeing this selection of papers in the shot of my scrap-bin card groups last week.  After making the waterfall card yesterday, using the ink pad-stamping sample and the Tim filmstrip die, I thought about other variations on the waterfall.  Circles seemed logical as I have my Nesties so can do lots of sizes.

For a 5 x 7 inch card I used Standard Circles Small and Large. Counting in from the largest Nestie, I used:

  • Large #2 (mat only)
  • Small #2 (circle to fit, next mat)
  • Large #3 ( (circle to fit, next mat)
  • Small #3 (circle to fit, next mat)
  • Large #4 (circle to fit only)

That gave me nice sizes for the card. I chose to trim the bottom of the waterfall mechanism to match the largest circle.  You can, but you don’t have to.

I matted the circles and decorated them – I can see I lost the I from I love You.  I’m sure it will turn up, probably stuck to my butt and pointed out to me by someone in the grocery store, knowing my luck LOL!

I also added circles to the pull tab – as you can see the bottom circle lies very flush to the front of the card.  This results in the same problem that the bracket edge had – the action wants to catch when sliding the waterfall BACK . Can you just see how the two pink bits bump?

I solved that with two small foam pads.  By attaching them ONLY to the back of the large circle it props it up enough to make the action smooth. By not peeling off the backing fro the foam pad they act as a spacer without interfering.

With a square-edged piece I think you would have room to stick the pad to the CARD BASE (not the waterfall pull!) but the curve of the circles makes it hard to fit.  Tiny pads would work, but these were too big.

Now you can see there is plenty of room

The card is still heavy, so the counterbalance on the back is still needed, but with it, it does stand nicely. Look Ma! No hands!

And there is still room on the backs of the circles and on the pull tab for more stamping or to write a sentiment:

I went with graduated circles but I think ones all the same size would look cute too.  Have a go.  I’m wondering already about other variations like all sorts of Nestie shapes, border punches along the pull tab, ribbon instead of paper for the pull, maybe some sort of additional pop-up element….  See what I mean?