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Waterfall card done – and some tips

My mail server went down yesterday.  The main geeky boy in the States that maintains it is away, as are my parents, and since the server lives in their basement I have no idea when it might be back up.  Sucks for me.

Yesterday was a bit chaotic on other fronts as well.  I had a frustrating day commenting on WOYWW posts as Blogger decided not to play nice with Open ID commenters – it kept telling me it couldn’t verify my WordPress id.  as I mentioned yesterday I think it’s just Google trying to force you to log in to Google to comment, but I’ll see if it keeps happening before I get seriously irate.

But I did manage to finish my card!

I’ll mention a couple of warnings, in case you decide to make one of these.

First you can see it pooches out a bit.  Regular waterfall cards do as well, but perhaps not quite so much.

This is, I think due to adding the sentiment strips on cardstock weight paper.  I think future ones I would either stamp the sentiment on the decorated areas or use paper-weight paper.

The addition of three strips adds too much width. Next, the addition of the bracket at the bottom makes the action “catch” a little.  Not much, but a bit.  Running a rub-on tool over the very top of the sentiment bracket inside fixes that.

Pressing it as flat as you can, crushing the edge, keeps the action smooth.  Ditto with the additional butterfly.

Finally, the larger waterfall and all the extra, makes the front of the card heavier, so it tends to fall  over.  Adding a backing piece of cardstock to the BACK of the card, works as a counter-balance.

As you can see it now stands proud!

So there you go!

While composing this DH called with some ideas for re-setting mail, so I am going to give that a go and see if I can get it flowing again.

Have a great day.