WOYWW 163 – ATC and a card

So confused!  I thought it was WOYWW 162, but Julia (and loads of other people) have 163!  Is it me? am I losing it?  Probably…. And hugely annoyed that it is taking me three tries t comment as Google keeps telling me there is an Open ID error.  I think it is just a ploy to MAKE you sign in to Google to comment 🙂

First things first.  WOYWW visitors finally get to see my exchange ATC from the swap a few weeks back.  Coming from way far away, by Patsy in the Philippines, it’s a beauty!

Lovely, isn’t it? Thanks Patsy.  I must find a way to display it so I can look at it every day.

Now, my desk.  Not as huge a mess as it often is because I tidied up a bit.  I have a few resolutions.  One is to try to tidy as I go along, not letting my desk get into such a state that I can’t actually WORK on my WORKDESK. You can see the remnants of my inky play on Monday, a new mask from the Newbury show, and a couple of cover stamps from Craft Stamper.

The other one is to actually USE my samples in a timely fashion.  I get so carried away with the playing that sometimes I don’t.  I make loads of samples then tuck them away, thinking I’ll find a use for them … “soon.”

Cards seem to be the easiest way to use things and it’s nice to have a stash of them ready to send.  Another resolution is to make projects that I have always meant to make but kept putting off!  Yesterday I did an easel card – my first.  I used the ink pad stamping from Monday for that too.  I made 4 or 5 sheets using that technique and loved them all.  So I grabbed another one and made another sort of card I kept putting off, a waterfall card.  It was easy, and fun, and I think it turned out cute.

I had bought a set of Twinkling H20s from the UKS Marketplace and used them to colour the butterflies. You can see the tiny pots on my desk as well.

I deviated from most of the waterfall samples I’ve seen, using another unused purchase, the TH film strip die, instead of the usual 2 x 2 ish squares for the waterfall toppers. I also decorated the backs (the green dotty area) rather than leaving them plain.  I’ll possibly add some text to those areas. I added the bracket shape to the pull tab and the bottom of the waterfall strip as well.

It’s a bit bright and bold, but I like it – and frankly when was I ever going to use that BRIGHT green card base I got in some kit ages ago??

I hope to finish that up today, so that is on my desk.  DD is off school (they closed for the day due to the Olympic torch passing thru) and has skating (if the rink has ice – it’s been bare for three days!)  so I may not get as much time to work on it as I hoped but with luck I’ll finish it up.

and I will hop around the WOYWW desks as best I can.  See you at yours!