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BIG CARDS – Ace of Hearts

I did decide to work in reverse, as I am missing the Queen of Hearts.  So beginning with the Ace today.

If you read my post from yesterday about Visible Image you will know that I was quite taken with a technique from the video on the site that involves pressing a stamp pad on to card to give a misty background.  I can remember YEARS ago seeing the use of a single impression to create a sort of shadow stamp effect, but this was more of a seemingly random pressing, this way and that, to create a pattern.  I wanted to extend that further, covering the entire paper in a variety of impressions.  I used Distress Ink because I like the square.

I used a wide selection of colours.  I loved it so much I just could not stop making them!  The cardstock, when you get done, has an almost leathery texture that I really like. 

It’s pretty self-explanatory but I did step-by-step photos anyway, cause some people like to see the process in detail. For this one I used blues and greens.

The newest ink pads, Mowed Lawn and Salty Sea, gave quite dark, ink impressions.  The older drier pads gave a much more subtle effect. The really dark blue is Salty Sea, the much lighter one Tumbled Glass,

Basically just press, move, repeat.  I wasn’t aiming to an actual PATTERN, just good overall coverage. See how dark the Mowed Lawn is? Almost full cover, where the dried pads have a greater concentration of ink around the edges, paler to non-existent in the middle.

You can stop at any point you like the look. I added some bright yellow Mustard Seed for a real PUNCH.

I love how it looks with the addition of some orange circles using a template.

I also love the addition of a text stamp over it. I did this one is shades of yellow with green text and also a red-inked numbers strip,  from that Visible Image set. Made that into a card.

I think the coverage is good, and it would make a fabby AJ background too!

Finally, now, getting to the Ace.  I also used my home-made foam stamps to add some bigger, more solid circles:

Give it a go.  I did, with some old nearly dry SU ink spots and some Adirondack pads.  I think it’s more likely that dye ink will work best for this, as pigment or chalk pads are probably just too wet.   Have fun – I did LOL!