Sunday-someplace-else (Visible Image)

I had a fun, if too brief, day at the Newbury Stamp Show yesterday.  Lovely lot of shops – I saw many old favourites and had a nice chat with Jayne Bentley, who was the editor of Scrapbooking Memories & More (the first UK scrapbooking mag I worked with so long ago – shame it only lasted about three issues due to the flaky publisher.)  I bought a handful of goodies but the fact my car was in the shop and my usual companion unavailable meant I had to depend on a scheduled ride so my time was limited.  That kept my overall expenditure low.  I had done my research in advance so at least knew if the “show sale” prices were good – the main thing I wanted, some Archival Ink pads, were NOT as cheap as one of the UKS sponsor offers (and with free P&P!) so I came away with NONE of them and am planning and order tomorrow online! I did manage to renew Craft Stamper as well, an annual event at the show as my current subscription always runs out then.

BUT I did stumble on a new stamp company that I like quite a lot.  Called Visible Image, they don’t have a huge range yet, but they have a couple of great sets for man cards.

Love that ink blot!  I got a set called Time After Time, because I  loved the card from the flyer – the cute little shirt with pocket watch tucked in a pocket was adorable.

I also got a vintage car stamp.  The Sewing Room set is good, too and there is a video using that on the site. I quite liked the pressing on of the ink pad technique too.  It gives an interesting mottled background very easily. I like the fact they have two tape measure strips, the beginning and ending of the tape.

They did say they are working on the site and not everything is on there at the moment, but I really liked the images I saw at the show and will quite possibly spring for the tool sets above – maybe Sewing Room too.  I was hampered by the fact I came to them after most of my cash was gone and no credit card buying at the show.  Oh well.

Have a look.  Maybe you will like them too!