WOYWW 161 – cards and chaos

Hello WOYWW-ers. Did you drop by from magical Mr Linky at The Stamping Ground? If so, WELCOME!  If not, Welcome anyway and hop over there to see what all the fuss is about.

As usual, my desk was a bit of a mess yesterday.

But this is how it began today!

I am attacking my scraps, as I mentioned in the previous post.  Here is how it began:

Overflowing.  I sorted thru it, setting aside groups of papers, with a simple plan – I started with any bit of cardstock weight paper that was big enough for a card front. I added any smaller bits that “went” with those, including anything like a punched element (one that I may have punched or die cut for a project but ended up not using) or other embellishment that may have found its way into my scrap bin.  I laid them all out – this is by no means all of the groupings, but it is what fit in the viewfinder frame:

And here is my scrap bin at the end – not empty by any means, but better.

There are still 20 + cards in that.  I tried to use the smallest scraps I could, and as much of them as I could so what was left at the end of each card was small enough that I could feel justified in pitching it in the bin.

I’ll beaver away at them today and share the results.  They won’t be award-winning cards, but I hope they will be a good exercise in something-from-nothing!

Have a wonderful WOYWW day.  Between card-making, I’ll be getting ready for the arrival of DS back from Uni.  Unexpected, as he was meant to be moving in to his house for next year on 1 July, but the housemate in charge of the details got it so very wrong that he was left with no place to live for July and had to store his stuff and come home instead.  {insert teeth sucking noise here} So much for my relaxing week with no kids and DH busy with work.  It’s be laundry and cooking and fighting for access to bandwidth by tomorrow.  At least my boy will be home.

WOYWW note: apologies if I seem to be a bit terse in my commenting.  Blogger is not playing nice today (or maybe it’s my ISP) but I am having issues.  Still, I’ll carry on and do my brief best.