BIG CARDS – overview and stamped postcards


As I mentioned I am missing a couple of cards from the next suit so this week I am doing the promised overview of all completed to date.

Here are all the Diamonds:

Of these, I am particularly fond of the Nine and the Three (just love the colours) and the Six (love that technique.)

And here are all the Spades (although the 7 is missing but I have done the central piece, ready to attach when I find another pack of the cards.

I like a lot of these too, but the Jack and the Eight really draw my eye. Love the printing on paper towels for the title on the Jack.

Seeing them all together makes me realize that I actually did pretty well in varying the colours and the techniques.  Looking forward to the HEARTS now!

DD is off for a week to Osmington Bay. I had asked DH to bring home a couple of post cards from the stash he has at the office, for me to address and stamp for her to take with her.  He forgot – to be fair he has a LOT gong on and as DS has had a bit of a snafu with his Uni housing (don’t ask) post cards were not top of anyones list.  I had a feeling he might have forgotten so as a back up plan I found the UK postcard size and a cute decorative back to print.  I stamped a couple of fronts (with Staz-on – although it won’t matter if the front gets wet as the printer ink will probably bleeds and run) and popped them in her bag.

Nothing brilliant, def. a bit rushed, but they will do.

I did this a bit randomly so it isn’t great.  I wanted to colour in the bees but knew the Copics would saturate the single layer and bleed thru to the back.

This one I took a bit more time with, actually using my stamp positioner to make sure the funny people were placed carefully. It will be interesting to see if they actually arrive back home to me.

I def. need to replace a few of my Staz-on pads – or look at Archival ink, which I think has better colour choice.  am I wrong about that?  Maybe a bit of research on the differences.  Price, colour choice, and longevity.  I am hoping to go to the Newbury stamp show next weekend and if I know what a good price is online then I will know if picking up a selection there is sensible.  I’ll be hunting out UKS sponsors too, to pop in to say HI!  It’s also DDs fun skate gala with Spice on the Saturday, and given the aforementioned snafu, DS might actually be here as well, so who knows if it will actually happen.  But I am very much hoping to make it work.


2 thoughts on “BIG CARDS – overview and stamped postcards

  1. Love what you have done with the big cards. What are the measurements in inches?

  2. hi Maryann love the overview would go Archival over Staz-on anyday not sure of your prices but find they last well and can be refilled.. Shaz in oz.x

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