Some mini-page embellishments and a blast from my past

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I am keeping the embellishments for the pre-made mini pretty simple.  I figure I can always add more when I add the photos, and I want plenty of room for journaling.  I am loving the Sukie labels.  So simple but perfect for this.  And those old glass bottles of tiny Prima flowers?  Just the right size.

Each cluster is made up of the same basic elements – sticker, a few flowers, some gems or pearls, a small flag from my one scrap of paper, and one of the leafy strips trimmed from the border punch.

Also a bit of Vintage Photo inking to tie it all together.

Now the blast from my past.  It’s amazing what there is out there on the internet.  Stuff you NEVER in a million years would have expected.  And yet … there are photos of my family meeting the former President Gerald Ford.  My father was in the Secret Service, Presidential protection, and somehow, for some reason that I don’t remember, we ere invited to meet and greet.  And the photographic evidence is on the internet.

Not super-high quality, but still.  Funny how your thoughts careen  around inside your head.  Seeing this makes me think back to other photos I recall.  One of my dad strolling down the steps of air Force One, looking like the quintessential “secret agent man,”  dark and dangerous, when in fact he had the flu and was quite ill.  My father was also assigned to Tricia Nixon for a time. He came with her on one of her State visits to the UK.  There was an article in a UK newspaper about the fact that he had an earpiece in – I can’t recall if the article was about the high-tech (for the time) communications they were using or if it implied he was listening to the radio instead of watching over her.  I *think* my aunt was living here at the time, and that she had sent my Mom a copy of the article.  That made me ponder on the connections we seem to have had to the UK long before we moved here.   DH lived here as a kid, while his dad was stationed here with the Air Force.  His mom and dad have very fond memories of  living here, as did my aunt.  I think that helped when we were contemplating the leap “across the pond.” And about the first year we were here and adjusting to life in a “foreign land. ” All that from one, small, grainy photo of a nearly forgotten day 35+ years ago.  It gives me hope that my scrapbook albums will evoke stronger memories.  Off now to make some more – memories and pages!


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