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Completing the mini-book (cover)

I am making, but not attaching or decorating, the mini-book covers.  I feel that is best done once the photos are ready.  The title, in particular, will depend on the actual photos I have.

Simple stuff, really, and dictated by the size of the box. I started with a 12 x 12 sheet that I trimmed to the barest smidge over 7″ by 12.  I scored it at 5 inches then at 6 inches and at 11 inches. I planned to trim off the last inch, but it’s an easy thing to wrap card around THAT and leave it as a flap closure.

I covered the front and back with the mossy green I used inside – again, all the colours tone with the stickers. Rather than cover the front I wrapped the cardstock from front to inside.  That makes the covers three thicknesses of cardstock so plenty sturdy!

The spine of the book will get stuck along the cover-spine inside.

And the whole thing will fit nicely inside the pretty box.

Whatever the cover decor will show thru the clear box lid and I will possibly add some additional flowers, etc to the lid itself.

I am really liking it so far, and can picture the final product in my head.  Now, so long as nothing goes wrong, camera-wise, I should be able to come home, edit and print the photos, pop them in and journal in a few days.  Then rather than having the trip be just another to-do-later thing, where I forget where it was we were, what exactly happened, and what I wanted to say in my journaling, it will be complete.

With luck I’ll be able to share the pages a bit tomorrow.