BIG CARDS – Ace of Spades

DONE! And I have had Lemmy in my head all morning, singing The Ace of SPADES. The Ace of SPADES…

I went back and re-visited the doodling for this one. If you remember, the last time I did this was probably doodling DHs iPad cover.  Gosh looking at this I see some areas I really like and forgot all about.  Oh well….

I don’t care what they say about the whole Zen aspect of it, I find it quite stressful.  I do zone out a bit while I am doing it, but then if I make a little mistake (or OMG a BIG one) then I am just no longer in any way ZEN.  But I got there in the end.

I am not keeping up with my lettering class very well (just SO busy) but one thing I did manage was to get a set of the Faber Castell Pitt pens.  Love them totally.  Yu can see I used a combo of them, of my black Copic, some Sharpies and some Micron pens to get to the end. Actually one of the lessons is doodling inside letters so maybe I’m not doing as bad as I thought LOL!

Am I 100% happy with the final one?  No.  Some areas irritate me (WTF?  That lone curl? WHAT was I thinking??) other bits I love.  This motif has to be my favourite (so much so I used it twice!)

Oh dear.  Up close you can see how less-than-perfect it is! I also like this bit:

So now I have a week to consider my plan for the Hearts.  I know I am missing the Queen (used if for a Stampotique Challenge card ages ago) so not sure if I will start at the ACE this time (maybe by the time I get to the Jack  of Hearts I’ll have found another deck of the huge cards at Tiger again – so far, no luck at my local one) or take a week off.  Pretty manic on the home front these next two weeks, so that might be the plan.