Too early? Christmas Card printable, slightly geeky


I simply cannot believe this is getting posted.  The irony (or would that be hypocrisy?) isn’t lost one me.  I say the same thing every year – I don’t even START to think about Christmas till late November.  I always regret it.  But it’s always been that way.

You see, in the USA we have TWO major holidays between the start of school and Christmas. Halloween is big, a major “kid” day, and then there is Thanksgiving.  End of November.  HUGE family Holiday. Official travel statistics say that Thanksgiving rivals (and sometimes exceeds) Christmas for travel.  42.5 million people travelled over the Thanksgiving holiday last year.  Did I say HUGE?  Oh yeah.  So with all the planning and cooking and the family visits, it requires attention, and can’t be ignored for Christmas.  Plus there is the whole BLACK THURSDAY thing, the biggest shopping day before Christmas, all the sales going on, and the true Christmas season kick off.

When we moved over here, I was truly gobsmacked to see the Christmas decorations up in John Lewis on Oxford street from SEPTEMBER.  That was when I started my fingers-in-ears, la la la, not listening attitude.

But the last few years I have been feeling like I really am waiting too late.  And maybe I need to start a little early.

I’ve been seeing all sorts of things that make me realize that SOME people are well on their way towards a crafty Christmas.  Blogs that show holiday cardmaking in full swing.  E-mail blasts from shopping channels full of holiday craft goodies.  Questions about Holiday paper collections on forums.  I can only use that as an excuse as to why I woke up this morning thinking about my card designs for this year.  I tried to fight it.  I really, really did.  But I had the idea and I felt like if I didn’t carry thru I’d forget it by the time it seemed appropriate to ME to be doing holiday crafting.

So here are my samples:

Not toppers, I’ll probably expand the “set” at some point to include different sizes and options, but these are just  5 x 5 inch printable cards.  Just print and cut, a smidge inside the red framing lines, and fold. It’s a top fold, but you can easily print and cut inside the lines then use that as a topper.

There are actually three versions.  There is HoHoHo, Joy and Jolly.

I am determined not to go off on some mad Christmas binge.  In all probability this is just a weird blip.  But I figured I made the darn things so there is no point in leaving them hiding away on my hard disk then realizing that I never posted then around, oh, December 22nd – which would be so like me.  So grab ’em if you like them.  I have to add a couple of recent printables to the pages in the top menu.  It might be time to split out the Holiday items and give them their own page, but I’ve been thinking af shaking things up a bit here so I need to do a little theme-research and see what’s out there.


6 thoughts on “Too early? Christmas Card printable, slightly geeky

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  2. Adorable! Christmas in July. You can never be prepared. Love love love it.

  3. These Christmas printables are too cute! Very playful and witty. Thank for sharing them.

  4. Never too early for Christmas! I start round about now too, trying to get ahead of the rush. I don’t always manage and as Nikki says, don’t forget you have done it like I did one year and found them again after the event…

  5. Oh no! Christmas already…. I guess I can forgive you – your “reasons” are sound. However, as someone who will walk out of a store because they have Christmas Decorations up in September/October/November, I must admit to cringing when I see stuff for Christmas so early.
    Then again, those of us who make and sell Christmas items, need to get our acts together and get stuck in already – leaving it until November is not an option, if you want a good lot of stock built up.
    The trick I suppose, is kind of mentally blocking that it “is Christmas stuff” and just thinking of it as “building stock”.
    I’m sure you need to start early with ideas too, if you would like to submit anything for publication – they all start around now too, don’t they?

    But all this aside… I love the designs, they are fun!

  6. Just dont forget you have made them and get in a panic later in the year when you think – ‘gawd Christmas cards what am I going to do’.

    I feel the same as you I get a bit messed up about the whole thing needing ages to prepare all my crafty bits and yet not wanting to think about Christmas til November….

    I do like these TFS

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