Interesting but useless, weird stats and a layout

Sometimes, when I  am playing around with supplies, I do something that I think is pretty cool, but ultimately is actually useless.  Let me explain.

I have read about the Rise Aid resist technique, although only used on canvas – I think it was Claudine Hellmuth who might have “discovered” this or at least she was the first person I saw use it.  I’ve always wanted to give it a try, but as usual, since I don’t do canvas work, I put it off.  Today I played.  And I found a couple of interesting AND useful things about it as well.

First, I don’t think the original technique of painting with acrylic paint then dribbling the rise aid over and wiping away works at all well on paper.  Maybe I didn’t let it dry long enough, but it was a bit of a mess.  So I looked at other ideas.  Another technique I wanted to try was very old – wrapping rubber bands around a brayer and using it to print. I probably read about it 20 years ago but never had any use for it.   I took off the roller, wrapped the bands around, and “inked” the brayer with Rinse Aid.  Brayered on to the paper , and misted with Cosmic Shimmer.  Interesting.

I actually kinda like the effect, although the mica gets totally absorbed, or neutralized (?) by the Rinse Aid.  But then I was sitting back and holding the piece up, and I got a look THROUGH the Rinse Aid bits and into the light (what little of it there is here today) and check it out:

How cool is that?  and totally useless.  I can’t think of a way to make use of this translucency that would be practical.  Maybe one – stamp on to the paper with the Rinse aid, mist, and punch circles to make a garland to hand in the window.  But I think the “practical” aspect of it is a bit suspect.

But I think the technique could be interesting as a background in an Art Journal or for an ATC, or even a card.  That gave me the idea to stamp with the Rinse Aid:

And I actually liked that a lot.  The image has the look of the Distress Ink over-stamped with water technique.  The way I did it – stamp with RA, mist a LOT of mica mist, blot with a paper towel, seems to keep the concentration of the mica on the stamped part, so the background is more just the ink colour.  And guess what?  Still cool up against the window – and still useless.

Something to play with a bit more, I think.  And make a few more ATCs using the samples – I’m feeling an I Hate Housework series, being that it’s rinse aid and all……

WordPress has changed how they do blog Stats – hate it (especially on the iPad, where it isn’t the single page of boxes but one long page you have to scroll thru) but I did see something really bizarre that I captured to share:

Estonia?? Does it have a huge crafty segment of the population?  Are they just getting in to scrapbooking or art journaling?  and why MY blog? Is it spammers in a new comment-SPAM centre located there?? All those visits were from YESTERDAY.  I’m dying to know.  I’ll have to watch it and see if it carries on or not.

Now, I wanted to share this layout I did for the June Simple Recipes post on UKS.  I really like this class and it’s keeping me scrapping,  as well as doing all the arty play.   I missed so many crops in the last month or two, for various reasons, so really enjoyed making this.  Hidden elements was the Recipe aspect I focused on.  By adding the envelope to the page I could slip in a trio of photos of DD drawing, not realizing I had my camera at the ready across the room.

I am always saying how much I like flags and banners on layouts but never used them.  So this layout, I did.  I rather like it.  You can read more about it on UKS.  Pretty sure you can read the posts, just not download the PDFs unless you are a member.

So that’s me for the day.  Loads to do and not any of it play.  Poo.