WOYWW 159 – ATCs from playtime samples


Well, HELLOO!  Happy WOYWW 159.  Late last night my desk was awash with…washed stamps!  That massive washing up tub I shared is now empty. I had a few still to find homes for but I think I need a couple more boxes.  Even clear stamps take up a LOT of space.

But while tidying, I was ruminating on a the fact that I so often get caught up in playtime and then end up with piles and piles of sample bits, scraps of this and that, some more attractive, more useful, than others.  And lots of times I sort of shove them in a box and do nothing with them.  Lots of times its just the knowing what I can do with my supplies, not the plan to actually DO.  But I am setting myself a goal to make SOMETHING from my samples.  And in preparation for my play today, last night I took a pile of stuff (lots of it from my drippy ink fun) and decided I would start small and make a handful of ATCs.

Here is the debris:

And here is what I have so far – OK, so just the backgrounds, but still, it’s progress!

There is one bit in the pile, the greeny, purply square peeping out from under the white, that I think is earmarked for a card, and it is nice enough, and big enough for that. Not sure what I’ll do with them once I make them, as I don’t do ATCs usually (possibly toss them in a DIFFERENT box LOL!) but I enjoyed the swap one so I suspect I’ll have fun anyway.

So let’s get scooting across blogland, shall we?  I did well last week (OK so not 100%, but pretty good for ME!) and plan this week to be the same.  Not too many blogs refused to cooperate and I’m feeling lucky!  One…two…three…WOYWW!

50 thoughts on “WOYWW 159 – ATCs from playtime samples

  1. A little late this week! Got to browse you wonderful scrap page and your fun Christmas cards while I was at it! thanks for the snoop! Happy WOYWW!

  2. Just love the colors in those ATC’s. Love to see when finished. Scraps is a hang up here. Just trying to throw out the really small ones.

  3. Your colors are so vibrant and beautiful.

  4. Love you ATC’s and the bespoke backers are great. BJ#47

  5. look at all the clean stamp ready to be inked again!

  6. hi Maryann, ah making atc’s yet to master that myself but going to before much longer I have decided.. think will do the same as you and start with an inky base..Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #25

  7. I love the colors and think they make gorgeous ATC’s! Happy WOYWW! Warmly, Tracy #105

  8. I love your “scraps!!” I bet you’re going to make some stunning cards/ATCs with those!!

    Amy E. #17

  9. Ooh – I’ll swap you an ATC for my last spare one from the Big Swap! Those backgrounds look gorgeous….

  10. Good for you, Mary Anne, to make a resolution to use your scraps. That is certainly a resolution I should make as well. Your cut pieces are beautiful and will be fantastic for ATCs or even as a layer for a sentiment to then go on a card. Thanks for the peek! All the best, Darnell #45

  11. Lovely backgrounds, looks like fun! I have a big box of scraps I planned to use up this year, but my good intentions didn’t last long!

  12. Oo, I have “found” your blog – I didn’t know what it was called. Nice to see some more of your work, as I always liked to see it in my scrapping magazines! I see you love to make mini books – I will be back!

    Fun backgrounds for your new ATC attempts. I also have (several) guilty piles of scraps. I hate to throw away any that could be useful (ie. bigger than a couple of mm square, hum, hum!), but I rarely seem to use them… Sometimes I get a few scraps together and punch out nice shapes with mini punches; I keep them in one of those boxes with little divided sections, ready for making my own embellishments. I used to make all my own cards, but nowadays I just don’t have time. I’m pinning my hopes on the bookbinding course I’m teaching for a week this summer, at the local Children’s University. They will help me use up my scraps!

    I wonder what you’ll do with the little backgrounds next? I will have to return and see…
    Love that pile of stamps btw – looks exciting. And thanks for taking the time to explain all about cleaning them (even though it wasn’t directly for me, it is all very useful advice).

    TTFN, Mary Ann!
    LizzieMade (108)

  13. Wonderful backgrounds.

  14. Beautiful colours in your splodgy backgrounds. x Jo

  15. Fabuloud Desk Mary-Anne. I love the colours you have created on those ATC’s. Enjoy your Day. Hugs from Scotland. Rita 46. XXXX

  16. Happy WOYWW. Love the bright ATC backgrounds. I try to use my ‘scrap’ folder (which is actually a whole drawer full now!) as much as possible – amazing what I find in there to save cutting into a new sheet or printing something out. Ali x #61

  17. Super desk and backgrounds you’ve got there. Take care & enjoy the snooping! Zo xx 74

  18. fabulous backgrounds – love what you have done with them

  19. A perfect way to use left over pieces of paper! I’m not big on making ATCs but these pieces would be lovely for that for sure!
    Glenda 101

  20. Ah, yes, the box of stuff and offcuts to be made in to something one day. I think we all have one of those boxes! ATC’s sounds like the perfect way to use them up

  21. Great job …and you have been able to revisit old stamps as you clean and tidy. I love your backgrounds …like you i’m not into ATC making and did not join in … but maybe I shouls give it a go. #9 xx

  22. Lovely backgrounds. What a fabulous pile of stamps!

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #57

  23. Actually, since the swap I’ve sort done the same (I’ve made 2!!) but both have proved useful..I used them to enclose a small note with a couple of things that needed posting. A little bit of stuff NOT on my desk, and possibly kept by the recipients – an insurance agent and a will get it,one won’t, but it pleased me at the time!

  24. What a wonderful stamp stash, and I adore the colours on your backgrounds.
    Sophie no.93

  25. I think you’ve made a perfect start with these backgrounds. The colours are very exciting, especially the two cards which lay on the outside. It’s also very smart to start with a small project. I usually do this when I don’t have much time. Have a happy WOYWW. Bye, Franka

  26. Gorgeous ATC backgrounds – and your advice re cleaning of stamps has inspired me to spring clean my poor abused collection! Annie 🙂

  27. Gorgeous backgrounds – the one on the left is my favourite. Well done for taking good care of your stamps thanks for the opportunity of having a peep at your workspace – trying to make a few visits early this week! Hazel, WOYWW #87 x

  28. fabulous large corner flourish stamp you have on your desk there…

  29. love the backgrounds .. and washing stamps is not something i do!! slap wrists!!! LOL
    Happy woywwing
    Jennie #37

  30. Gorgeous abstract colours in the backgrounds, those ATCs are going to be lovely! Blimey but you have a LOT of stamps – do have a system to find them all or is it a case of riffling through until you find the one you want??
    Hugs, LLJ ~72 xx

  31. I do clean my stamps as I go, but well done on you getting the box empty! Love your scraps and those backgrounds are just fab. Happy WOYWW, Helen, 33

  32. Fab backgrounds on your desk, can see you really like to get in there, just like me. One job I hate though is clearing up my stamps, OK cleaning them as I do that as I go along, it’s the sorting out back on their sheets and in boxes that I hate – I need a Stamp Fairy to do it for me,
    Ann B

  33. I agree…even cling or acrylic stamps take up space too! Love the bright colors of the backgrounds! Valerie #36

  34. Your sample pieces are so bright and cheery. You will be able to make some fun ATC’s with those!

  35. Very nice and love the papers you have created…yes, yes it is a start! Have a great week. Vickie #23

  36. Beautiful bright backgrounds …. you just can’t go wrong. Please post a pic of the final project.
    Sandra @32

  37. those are lovely backgrounds! i am making ATCs too and using up little bits of magazine clippings for the collage. yay!
    happy WOYWW!
    blessings and hugs from #15
    peggy aplSEEDS

  38. I agree with you about using some of the remnants, and these are really lovely. Have fun with them…the colours are so frisky.
    Looking forward to the done doings!
    Ros. #51

  39. Love the backgrounds and they will make for beautiful ATC’s, I also have the same…errr….goal in mind. lol I hope you achieve yours better than I am doing with mine! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina 🙂

  40. What fantastic colours! It looks like you’ll be in for some fun times ahead.
    Have a wonderful WOYWW ~ enjoy! Neesie #26

  41. I love the colours of your backgrounds on the ATC’s. Have lots of drippy ink fun!!
    Have a great week.
    Von #28

  42. I just love those papers, aren’t they soooo bright!! Want to have a go right now…but it’s about …oops…nearly… 4! better go to bed!! Thank you for my snoop, have a great week. HaPpY WoYwW!
    (((Lyn))) #20

  43. Very colorful, bright backgrounds for your atc’s. and such a nice pile of stamps on your desk. have fun playing. dani22

  44. I love, love those backgrounds. I think they are simply gorgeous. I have trouble covering something that beautiful, too. So I’m sure you will do them justice. BTW, you have more stamps on your desk than I actually OWN!!. Have a great WoYWW from # 10.

  45. Love those samples, they will make some wonderfully bright ATCs. I have lots of stamps, and don’t know where I will put any more of them… digis are the way to go. #14

  46. I love the colors of the bg for your atc can’t wait to see what comes about. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  47. I have a question about your stamp cleaning. What’s the best way to clean them? Or should I expect that they’ll be discoloured with whatever the latest ink I’ve used them with is?

    • Interesting question. I’ve never cared much about discolouration. In fact, I’ve read, many times, and in many places, that a clear stamp, inked with Staz-on and let dry, will stamp BETTER than a clean stamp, especially with Distress Ink. DI tends to bead on the stamp, or at least it does for me and I don’t like the idea of sanding the surface of the stamp to give it some “tooth” as I fear damaging it!

      The best plan is to have a pack of baby wipes to hand – while the ink is still wet (not Staz-on or Archival, though) just wipe it off. I have one of those scrubby pads (a bit like the softer side of Velcro, about 6×6) that, if I am being good, I have beside me. I can mist it and scrub off the ink then blot it on some paper towels. But usually I just wipe them off if I plan to use them again immediately with a different colour. I am SO bad. 🙂 Otherwise they go in a bin till I have time – or need one that is dirty.

      Wood mounted stamps should have only the RUBBER cleaned – not submerged in water. But my clear stamps I usually put in a washing up tub with warm soapy water and gently rub and scrub them till they are clean. Rinse and let dry, mount side up/stamping side down on a towel. The washing up liquid will “refresh” the clingy properties so if a stamp wont cling to your acrylic mount you can sometimes fix that by washing the BACK too.

      There is specialist cleaner for permanent inks (Staz-on, Archival) but it stinks to me and doesn’t totally clean them.

      If in doubt, I will sometimes ink the stamp I want to use and stamp it on to scrap paper, just to be sure it is clean and there is no cross-contamination between whatever I last stamped with and what I am now inking with.

      Oh, and chalk ink and acrylic paint really should be cleaned off IMMEDIATELY (chalk ink can damage clear stamps – I have a couple that I took out after a LONG time, and had left inked with chalk ink, and the clear stamps just crumbled) and Versamark too. Letting Versamark dry on your stamp will leave it feeling STICKY.

      That is really long-winded but I hope it helps.


      • Thank you for the really thorough posting! That really does help me, as I’m new to stamping (and scrapbooking) and want my supplies to last as long as possible.

      • I hadn’t heard that about the Staz-On helping ink cling. I may have to try that as it drives me nuts when I get a blotchy image.

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