WOYWW 159 – ATCs from playtime samples

Well, HELLOO!  Happy WOYWW 159.  Late last night my desk was awash with…washed stamps!  That massive washing up tub I shared is now empty. I had a few still to find homes for but I think I need a couple more boxes.  Even clear stamps take up a LOT of space.

But while tidying, I was ruminating on a the fact that I so often get caught up in playtime and then end up with piles and piles of sample bits, scraps of this and that, some more attractive, more useful, than others.  And lots of times I sort of shove them in a box and do nothing with them.  Lots of times its just the knowing what I can do with my supplies, not the plan to actually DO.  But I am setting myself a goal to make SOMETHING from my samples.  And in preparation for my play today, last night I took a pile of stuff (lots of it from my drippy ink fun) and decided I would start small and make a handful of ATCs.

Here is the debris:

And here is what I have so far – OK, so just the backgrounds, but still, it’s progress!

There is one bit in the pile, the greeny, purply square peeping out from under the white, that I think is earmarked for a card, and it is nice enough, and big enough for that. Not sure what I’ll do with them once I make them, as I don’t do ATCs usually (possibly toss them in a DIFFERENT box LOL!) but I enjoyed the swap one so I suspect I’ll have fun anyway.

So let’s get scooting across blogland, shall we?  I did well last week (OK so not 100%, but pretty good for ME!) and plan this week to be the same.  Not too many blogs refused to cooperate and I’m feeling lucky!  One…two…three…WOYWW!