BIG CARDS – 2 of Spades

Very nearly done now.  Of course I had to play with my drippy inks.  But this time I wanted to see how muted they would become on plain paper rather than glossy.

I dripped a couple of colours, Turquoise and clear Yellow, around and placed another sheet over to squash.

Because Spades are black, I had to add some of that.

and blotted again.

I dried it and dripped a bit more concentrated ink in spots and blotted with a DRY piece of cardstock, to keep the colour rich and dark.

I took a little texture stamp and added some + signs randomly around

Smudged on some Black Soot ink and then saw some letters, left on my desk from a layout and thought they were the perfect colour!


Although this one was pretty simple, I really like how it turned out.  The misty colours on matt cardstock look really interesting, not at all like the insanely bright colours on the glossy paper.  But they are still quite rich looking.  and I love that little stamp.  No idea where it is from – it isn’t very often I regret stripping away the packaging but every so often I actually care who made the thing.

I have a feeling I’ll try this again. And I am already thinking ahead to the ACE OF SPADES.  I really want to do something in PURE Black and White, have an idea, but can’t decide if it’s the best of the handful of ideas I have for the Ace.  and then, finally, back to red.  I do wonder if I will have enough ideas for a whole other series of red cards.  I must go back to my idea book and start identifying techniques I want to try.  Soon.