More drippy ink

A quick one – I wanted to share a few things.  First, the fact that at least on my photo paper (which is Polaroid Canvas paper, 10 sheets,  from the £ store) I am able to emboss on it.  The heat gun does not damage the paper at all.  So I did a couple of samples, experimenting.

I stamped and embossed (black ink, clear embossing powder) and them dripped the ink over it and daubed with a baby wipe.

This one in reverse, daubing the ink then stamping and embossing.  The ink dries very fast and does not allow the embossing powder to cling to it – or at least my combo of supplies doesn’t.

Now this last was just a trial – I wasn’t sure what would happen but I dripped the ink onto the photo paper, then blotted it off with plain printer paper (that is the piece on the left.) But then I filled in the white areas with drips of yellow to really brighten it up and daubed that off with another sheet – and I love that misty, pale piece the most.

I can see using any of these for ATC or cards or stuck in an art journal or punched out or cut as letters.  I might take some time next week to play with some of these practice pieces and see what I can turn them in to, just for fun.

Have a great day tomorrow!