Playing with drippy ink

Yesterday, I got my delivery from a discount Art supply place – mostly pens for the lettering class, but also a beginners set of drawing ink.  I was keen to have a play with these.  They can be added to water to make a colorwash mist of whatever intensity you want, as well as used straight from the bottle for really intense colour. With free shipping they were not much more than £1 a bottle

I tried a few things, with varying degrees of success. Watercolour paper, as that is most common for art journals and what mine is made of, was…ok.  Pretty muted.  I sprayed both pieces with water and dripped on the ink.  Maybe it was too much water, because as soon as the ink hit it spread all over the piece.  Squashed another sheet over it and got this:

Very melty and runny and I think hugely dependant on colour choice and placement.  Might try again with a VERY light mist of water. Then I tried plain dry watercolour paper.

First thing I noticed was how the ink just sat on the surface. I think I could also try misting lightly at this point. But I just squashed them together.

I turned the top sheet and squashed again.  Then I dripped more ink into the white areas (the yellow here)

THEN I misted with water and pressed the second (still dry) piece over that. Cool.  REALLY like the look of that! The dry paper sort of took away the colour, letting the texture of the watercolour paper show thru.

So then I thought back to a post by The Frugal Crafter  (do you follow her?  why not?) about using cheap photo paper in place of glossy cardstock.  Since I HAD cheap photo paper, as you may recall, I gave it a go.

The first thing I noticed was that if the photo paper is dry, it will stick when you squash it.  But by misting the piece I add the ink to, then misting the cover piece, I was able to keep them from sticking.  In the places where the ink was quite wet, is ran and bled and melded.  In places where the paper had dried (and the water dries really fast on this photo paper) I got more of a blot of colour.

I kept turning and pressing, so all a bit too blended, maybe, although I do still quite like the intensity of it.

And adding black ink drips to the initial mix really makes it POP!

Now, I am just about at my wit’s end with WordPress, as it is misbehaving horribly and in three different browsers so pretty sure that isn’t the problem.  It’s taken me HOURS to get this compiled and posted. But I have one other thing on my desk, a job that needs doing as much as I hate it.  One day I will learn my lesson and clean my stamps as I go along.