Grungy Printables, sized for Project Life

I just have too many things that interest me – scrapbooking, making mini-books and embellishments, making printables, getting interested in art journals, occasionally cardmaking and stamping art, and now improving my lettering.  It’s TOO MUCH. But I really hate to let anything slide lest I get so badly out of practice I never go back to it.

I made a little set of semi-grungy printables today, and I thought the progression of my ideas might be interesting.  I started from a black and white point and moved through plan rounded boxes, a full fill grid and sheer colour boxes, square corner boxes, (up till this point all with the font made BOLD) and finally the end product, square boxes, normal font, grid only in the coloured areas.  While I like all the steps it took me to get to the one I settled on, that final version was the one I liked best…today.  Yesterday, tomorrow, next week, it may have gone a completely different way!

The final set has three elements. Two small cards and one big one that doubles as a photo mat. and oops – the final one does NOT have the grid behind the long title!  I must have grabbed the one from the wrong set. You’ve seen my desk, does this surprise you?

I think the photo mat works fine landscape …

or portrait (and title left or title right if portrait, although I didn’t mock both up for you)

So now, which of the 100 other things that have been on my mind to I tackle??? At this point I suspect a random number generator will be the ticket.  Like those jump-start my mojo jars, where you pull out a scrap of paper with a creative idea on it, or roll some creatively labeled dice, for when you have NO ideas, but in reverse.  I need something to narrow DOWN my ideas and force me to focus on ONE thing at a time.  DOH!  ANOTHER thing to add to my list….