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BIG CARDS – 3 of Spades using my stamps

The whole point f this exercise is to have a play with things and see how it turns out.  I never intentionally make something that looks rubbish but sometimes I like a particular end result less than I hoped I would.  I’ve not decided if it is because certain techniques and looks are to far outside y comfort zone or if they really are rubbish LOL! This one I kinda hated at first and now it’s growing on me a bit.

As I spent so much time making 15 different stamps I figured I better use them. I started off by adding the masks to certain areas of the oval outline.  I placed them upside down in the gaps and added repositionable adhesive.

Pressing the paper down over the masks places them fine with a regularly spaced stamp, but not an irregular one as it’s a mirror image.

Using a combination of a palette knife and a brayer, I added some paint over the masks – I was looking for a very “distressed” background.

So the masks would have worked if I hadn’t had mucky fingers when I peeled them off.  Back up plan was to colour card with the Neocolor crayons and stick them in place. That worked, although not the smooth transition between background and masked area I wanted.  I over-stamped with the open ovals and added the words with some small stamps.

I also highlighted some of the other stamping (with more of my oval stamps) and added a touch more color with the crayons.

WordPress is acting up this morning – so I hope this will save and post!

Here is the final card.

It’s a lot more painterly and freestyle than I am usually inclined to do, but then it IS all about the playing. And like I said, it’s growing on me.