My stamps for my Art Journal


I thought I would share my results, and add a little info about the stamps.  I will do more on this possibly tomorrow.

This is the first page I made. I’ve finished it and done the writing – OMG that was a worry.  It’s not perfect but it turned out OK. I really like the lettering in the swirls.

Not the best writing but not so horrid I want to burn the whole thing LOL!

As my desk was the most horrific mess anyway I figured I’d do another page before cleaning up. Here they are, side by side.  I could have done better with my stamped letter placement but live and learn.  It’s a process:

I made the stamps for that page – the checkerboard and the circle block.  All made with sticky-backed fun foam.  The checkerboard was because I wanted a bigger version of the tiny one I had.  I just cut some squares of fun foam and used my cutting mat (which is gridded in 1 cm squares) to line them up.

When I had a pile I peeled off the back and stuck them to some old clear packaging. I didn’t do a full square as I wanted it to look a bit more random.

The thing I like about using the clear plastic packaging is then stamp is them flexible and you can stamp just a bit of it, letting the edges fade away.  I say Dyan Reaveley (of Art From the Heart, and creator of Dylusions) do that in a CHA video, I think, a while back and it stuck with me.

But I did something interesting with them – I wiped the surface with a baby wipe then coloured the foam with the Neocolor water-soluble wax crayons.

You can stamp just like that for a fairly sketchy look or brush it lightly with a water pen for a smoother stamped image:

The stamps are fairly hardy, but I wouldn’t submerge them to wash – they stood up to brisk wiping with a baby wipe to clean them and while the foam colours it doesn’t transfer to the next thing. You can actually draw on the foam with the crayons for a pretty cool effect. But this is long anyway so I’ll try to take some decent photos and share a couple of interesting things tomorrow.

I’m also enjoying re-visiting my drawers of quirky stamps – the falling lady is a pretty good depiction of how I feel about the whole Art Journal thing.

7 thoughts on “My stamps for my Art Journal

  1. This is so cool! I love it! And love all the colors you are using. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Love it! Great colors and stamps.

  3. I really like your art journal, love pigs to, everything looks great! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  4. These pages look great! I agree with Sarah – I never journal in my art journals. I do, however, like to use favorite quotes or song lyrics on my pages. Art journals are a great place to just come and play! Try new techniques, play with new products, experiment with color and texture, revisit old supplies and tools you haven’t used in a while. Can’t wait to see more of your work!

  5. wow,awesome pages,love the tip re making your own background stamps

  6. You’ve got it Maryanne – it’s ALL about the process. Don’t feel obliged to pour out your innermost thoughts. Some of my art journal pages have no words on them at all. The way I look at it is it’s a journal (ie book) to play at art in. Not journalling as in writing. Just a place to have some creative play and unwind.

    Your first few pages look fantastic! I’m glad all that hard work we put into the Art Journey over at UKS hasn’t gone to waste 😀

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