WOYWW 157 – art journaling


Now the hullabaloo of the third anniversary WOYWW has passed, I am playing with some art journaling.  I began my first page yesterday and it’s what’s on my desk today.  I am not sure I have the passion for art journaling, but I decided to give it a go.  The class on UKS has been popular and lots of people seem to be delving in to it, so I figured I might as well.  Not sure if I’ll continue, but I did make a little 12 page journal using watercolour paper from a pad that I had hanging around and I think even I can manage that.

It’s still in its infancy but so far I’m liking it well enough.  This page is about how I would think to myself that I would art journal when pigs fly – and look, here I am giving it a go.  I guess I’ve always been less inclined to share my thought on anything other than my kids, through my scrapbooking.  I’m not really one to lay it all out there, IYKWIM.  But I do enjoy the arty process so I may focus on that more than a core dump of my head.  But maybe the process will  be freeing, who knows.  I guess it’s one thing to make an art journal that only you see and a very different matter to make one that you share. But my first attempt is less likely to involve real deep truths so I feel ok about it.  As things develop, IF they develop, that may change.  Navel gazing isn’t really something that benefits from reaching a wide audience LOL! I suspect I would be too inclined to edit my thoughts if I know strangers are reading them.

I quite like the bright turquoise and  lime scheme and it was a great excuse to get out come rarely used stamps.  Mr. Pig got masked to add the wings and it actually worked out pretty OK.  My Sharpie paint pen burped out a dime (5p) sized blot over the dotty letters so I had to try to cove that with a quick swipe followed by a bit of Sharpie.  It’s OK, but I’ll always know it’s there.

Now the crushingly intimidating part – writing with my own hand!  Ugh.  I could chicken out and go for all stamps or snippets of text but this is just an experiment so I will be brave.

I would love to share my ATC but it was coming all the way from the Philippines care of Patsy and hasn’t arrived yet.  I’ll share it the first WOYWW after  I get it.  I’m hoping Neet got mine by now.  Fingers crossed the postie didn’t drop it in a puddle!

Stop by Julia’s place and you can find out all about WOYWW and if you hop the blogs you will likely see many of the ATCs exchanged.  I’m really looking forward to it myself.

15 thoughts on “WOYWW 157 – art journaling

  1. Its a very accomplished first page! If you’re only going to get better as you go on then your pages are going to be amazing! Therefore I must follow you to see what you do next. Well done. Michelle x

  2. Howdy,
    Your art journal looks GREAT! Keep up the good woork!

    Would love for you to stop by my blog – and take the poll while you’re visiting.


  3. Apologies for being so late visiting but as they say better late than never eh?
    Your journal looks amazing ~ I’ve never used one but maybe that’s something I should remedy soon ;D
    If you nip over to my place you might be interested in joining in with my first ‘giveaway’.
    Have a great week! Neesie #7

  4. you’re desk looks like mine when I’m in the middle of a project. love what you made. colors and texture make give it that wow factor.

  5. loving the journal page,well done for taking the plunge
    have a fab crafty week
    kay #52

  6. this really struck home for me – I love the idea of the creativity and the process but never the writing inmost thoughts

  7. Wonderful page, love the colours and the flying pig!

  8. Fab start to an art journal page, I love the title.
    Sandra @36

  9. Love this page.. the colours and stamping is fabulous.. simply Brillant. Hugs May x x x#34

  10. I’m loving the colours of that page, so calm and serene, thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW!

  11. Your Journal is looking very special! I also like the blue & green colors. Just have fun with it there is no law that says you have to write down yor deepest thoughts nor do you have to share unless you want. Just have some fun with it -funny, silly thoughts you may have, etc. #147

  12. Hello,
    I have been getting your posts emailed to me for quite some time now and I love them! I find each one to be interesting and very inspirational. I have truly appreciated each one of the free printables that you have so generously and freely shared. I have often thought that I really must send you a note of thanks. Yet I haven’t done that…shame on me! I check my email first thing in the morning when things are so rushed. Today however, after reading the first three words of your post, I KNEW I was going to finally send you a note. So…on top of everything else I just mentioned I must thank you for saying “hullabaloo”! lol I just created a special card for a special blog post and I used hullabaloo in the sentiment. I was feeling a bit unsure about it. Now I feel very good about it and I thank you! I thank you for all that you do, and share and teach! 🙂

    • That is so sweet of you! And I’m delighted that my post (and the serendipity inherent in the internet) affirmed your hullabaloo! It’s a word less used now than once it was and I think it’s due for a come-back 🙂

      Cheers, m’dear.

      Mary Anne

  13. Love the art journal page ! I think the nice thing is that you can just take it anywhere you want ! Sometimes I see a phrase written down or here something on Radio 4 which catches in my mind & I find it fun to capture it on a page ! Hope you’ve enjoyed this page enough to have more fun in your journal !! Ali #42

  14. Fun art journal page!
    I know what you mean. I think sometimes lately, it might be fun to keep an art journal.
    But not sure I could do it justice 🙂
    Mary Jo #99

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