It’s all about the Chilli


We did a test batch of the chilli yesterday and it was quite the process.  Then had a group of friends around for dinner for a taste testing.  There was much talk about the fore-burn, and the afterburn, perhaps because the 1/2 recipe contained these items as well as the better part of a full bag of fresh green chillies as well!

Not expecting a win, as the green chilli is certainly going to be a novelty, but he is enjoying the process.

what else is in the batch?  Not all the ingredients (that would be telling) but:

No, the plasters don’t go in the chilli, just in case of a nasty knife accident!

And as the crafty side of things, I had to work on the stall decor.

Just a bit f fun, really, but the foam stamps turned out pretty well.  My local fabric shop doesn’t sel Wonder Under any more, then sell a different brand, and it is made up of a sort of diamond pattern, where the Wonder Under is a fine, overall mesh.  The pattern is clearly visible but most noticeable behind the whites of the alien eyes so in a way that is OK as it makes them look like fly-eyes.  But the shop lady says it is for applique work – I wouldn’t use it for that, because you can “see” the pattern of the glue under the fabric.  Maybe it’s better under a floral or patterned material, but it is nowhere near as good as Wonder Under.  But it was what they had so I used it.

More test cooking today, and any allowed pre-chopping and measuring,  and with luck, some crafty time tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “It’s all about the Chilli

  1. Great project you have going here! Do you grow any of your own chillies? By the way, pineapple is a good fruit to add if you’re going for a sweet chilli – it really increases the burn, which could create a nice surprise for your tasters!

  2. I have been watching this project with great delight – it is shaping up well, looks fab!

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