The humble roll of waxed paper

You know me by now – if I see something I am ALWAYS going to cast my eye across my craft room and see if I have something that I can make do with cause I really HATE shopping.  I was looking at glassine paper, and the examples of Kraft glassine in Tim’s new book and I thought What do I have that has those same properties? Well DUH! Waxed paper.

Check it out:

I assembled my supplies – waxed paper, Distress inks and stains, Staz-on (or Archival ink, I expect) and a stamp I have had forever and never used.

I started by crumpling the waxed paper. You can do it a lot or a little – the creases are what will give you the effect.

Open it out and smear on Distress Stains in any colour or in a few colours. Give it a moment to sink in – you can blot with a paper towel and go over it again for deeper colour. It will bead up on the waxy parts – feel free to work it into the creases with the paper towel.

My waxed paper is waxier on one side.  You can work the ink in to one side, then flip it over and do the same on the other.  Frankly I find it hard to tell which side is best so I usually wind up doing both! Now iron it between a couple of pages of a notebook – I keep one on my ironing board for this (cause you KNOW I don’t iron clothes!)

Ironing the waxed paper gives it a sort of flexible vellum-like quality.  It is pretty floppy after the ink but it firms up well after you iron it. Stamp your image and colour in the bits yo want with Distress ink and a water pen.  Iron it again cause it’ll be wet now.

I also tinted the edges and pressed the back into some droplets of watery ink left on my craft mat. I like that effect.

Here is the final card:

I think the next bit will surprise you!  How DID I get the waxed paper to stick to the card?  So simple – unlike vellum you really can’t see the adhesive thru the waxed paper.  The ATG gun worked a treat!  I’ll get to that in a moment.

Next I did the same thing with Vintage Photo.Not sure how well you can see, but the left is JUST the stain, as above.  The RIGHT has Vintage Photo DI smudged over the surface, after the ironing removed the wax.

I doubt you will be able to see this super clearly but I’ll give it a go.  It’s best to apply the adhesive to the tag, rather than the waxed paper.  It could rip if you are not careful.  Try to get right to the edges – I did better on the right then on the left.

Stick on the waxed paper and trim. I defy you to see any obvious adhesive thru the waxed paper!

I’ve turned this into a simple tag by stamping over it with black Staz-on

Then I thought back to the tissue tape ruffle I’ve seen and again thought Wonder if….? Yep, it sure does.

Crumple and ink a strip of waxed paper, as before. Iron. Stick it to a sheet of plain paper and trim with scalloped scissors (the plain paper supports the thinner waxed paper, making the cutting easier.  Frankly You could just leave the edge straight – one you ruffle it you don’t really see the scallops much.

I lay a strip of double-sided tape down, sticky side up, backing still on.  Pleating and sticking the waxed paper strip gives me this!

I stuck that to the bottom edge of the tag and added a few little bits and this is it:

The bee was stamped then the wings painted with Liquid Pearls and the body stripes with yellow Stickles.  I stuck it popped at the head end, but with its body stuck flat.  and the little one was stuck just in the center, with the wings folded up:

I know that was a pretty massive post, but I really wanted you to see how well this works.

Get some waxed paper. Have a play.  I think you’ll be surprised what you can do with it.

Have a crafty weekend!


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A little printable

I’ve been playing with my program, trying to see if the upgrade will make any difference.  It seems to be doing some fairly bizzare things with the sizing.  when I create the printable, I am setting the size to exactly 2.875 x 3.9375.  It all looks good, based on the grid.  Then I save it as a PDF and print it and the sizes are all wrong.  I’ve played with the page size setting, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Despite all that I think I have it sorted – but there is nothing more frustrating when technology goes awry for no discernible reason.  So I’d be interested to know if they print OK for you.  Drop a comment if when YOU print them there is something wrong.

Nothing hugely special but I hope they are useful!

I’ve been stymied in my efforts to find the time to make another of the “complex cards” so I am giving up.  I will make one, but I don’t really want to wait any longer to add the link to the updated SVGs my lovely commenter Ruth did for me.  I’ll go back as soon as this posts to add the Dropbox links to the ones with spaced out score lines.  If you are planning on printing and hand scoring/cutting, the originals are just fine.  If you want to use some sort of cutting machine, the ones with MORESPACE in the title will perhaps be better for you.



WOYWW 154 – ribbon organization

I’m not quite there with my re-org, due to the fact that I a) spent all day Saturday when I SHOULD have been cropping crawling around under my desk sorting out the rat’s nest of cables and removing technology that was unneeded (because the phone stopped working and DH needed to sit at my desk and say no, plug that one in, no the other one. Now swap the connectors…) and b) because I got my bundle of Distress Stains and I had to have a play (and make a mess) yesterday.  I tried a few things, in addition to the card you will see in yesterday’s post.  I tried embossing then brayering over Picket Fence and misting with colour wash (the red BINGO card, which is higher contrast than you can see in the photo) then stamping with Picket Fence, letting it dry completely and misting on Cosmic shimmer (the bright blue one – I like that a lot) and some experiments with text stamps (off the edge there, also blue.) I have to say I am loving my big foam stamps lately.  The stamping with bleach I did with them, then the sponging on dye inks (from Monday) looks sooo cool.  It’s made me drag quite a few of them out.

I did make progress on my ribbon storage.  What I had in mind was the plastic strips that you see hanging from the shelves in the grocery store, usually displaying something like straws, near the juice.  I actually scored one empty one the last time I shopped but stupidly left it in the cart when I loaded the groceries into the car.  Such a numpty.

I wanted to see if I could come up with something similar from stuff I had around the house.  I did – one super fast and easy, one a little more time-consuming .

On the left are some strips of matte board, free from my local framer.  I added some brads, so they crate little hangers and hung the bags of ribbons with big binder clips.  That is very much like the grocery store hangers but does take some time.  The other is just a strip of the grippy part of  a Velcro strip.  Then little 3″ bits of the fizzy part slip thru the back loop of the binder clip, sticking to the grippy strip.

Frankly, I thought I would get on with my ribbons organized in this way, but I didn’t want to make the mistake I USUALLY make, which it to spend ages creating something for storage then decide, in the end, that I don’t like it or it isn’t workable. So I whacked these together in a flash and I’ll give it a week or so to see how I get on with them this way.  I suspect it will be great, and it let me reclaim a whole shelf and a 1/2 by getting rid of all the clear boxes of ribbon (making room for those stains!)  but, as ever, only time will tell!  I ran out of binder clips so the purple and the orange and the brown collections are missing for the moment.

I need to add the improved SVG for my complex card today but really wanted to make ONE MORE to accompany the post so between hopping across blogland and cleaning the house that is what I will be doing this WOYWW day.  I did find an interesting thing last week – on those blogs where, in the past, I have not been able to comment because the window is under the existing comments but disappears when they fully load, I found if I click REPLY then the link that says ADD A COMMENT appears and I can click it and type.Of course 99% of the blogs have comments moderated so I don’t know if it actually worked because I’m never organized enough to make a note of the ones I tried that on and go back later to check to see if my comment appeared LOL! But I have hope – ya gotta have hope, right?

Have a happy WOYWW.  can’t wait to see what everyone is doing!


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Distress Stain play

My lovely order of Distress Stains arrived from UKS sponsor Country View Crafts and it included the much anticipated Picket Fence. I have been having a good play with them, tried out a lot of ideas I thought would work, and am testing both the limits and the interaction of the stains.  Fun, fun, fun.  I am truly sticky, inky and messy today!

One of the things I did was to see if stamping with the picket fence on black cardstock would work for one of my BIG CARD Mondays.  I think it will.  Here is what I did:

I stamped with a big foam stamp, inking it with Picket fence.  I dried it with a heat gun.  That alone gave a neat effect – I like how the stain pulls away from the edge, giving a halo effect.

I inked a text stamp with Staz-on and stamped that over the Picket fence.  It worked very well, and when it was dry I thought back to yesterday and inking over the bleached images.  The PF was much whiter so I figured that would work better and it did – I used Distress ink in Spiced Marmalade to highlight the edges of the motif.

Note you can see the text on the black card at certain angles, but it’s not intrusive. If I had planned on turning it in to a card from the start I may have cut a mask, but to be honest I don’t mind the text over the whole front so maybe not.

I splodged some PF and some orange on the craft sheet and swiped through a couple of little paper blooms that were included with my order.  I pinched a couple of holes and tied on the bouquet and mounted it on a card front.  Simple and I liked being able to make use of a play-time sample for  something useful!

And a little close up of the blooms:

I think I’ll be playing with this a little more.  I seem to have undone all my good work tidying up over the weekend, so must re-do that for the rest of the day!

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BIG CARDS – 7 of Spades (oops! no card!)

DOH.  Remember a while back I said a couple of card were missing from my deck?  Well this is one of them.  Grrr.  Not found them at Tiger recently so wondering if I will be able to.  Hope so.

But I’ll carry on.  I knew the size so I just made my piece to that size.  I have always been hesitant to give bleach stamping a try but I was determined to do so.

I first tried making my little “stamp pad” with a folded up paper towel, but it left fuzzy little bits on my piece so I made a stamp pad out of the packaging from an embossing folder (deep with sides to contain the bleach) and some coffee filters.  Much better. I stamped with a foam stamp all over the background card.

After letting the bleach do it’s thing, I ended up with this:

Once I had the bleached images, I wanted to colour it.  I tried Distress ink (barely left any colour at all) chalk ink (same – just not any impact) and thought about chalk but thought that would be hard to contain and it would colour the black background as well, leaving not enough contrast.  I had the Kaleidacolor pads out so I gave the dye ink a try.  Result.  And lovely.

I used blues and greens, and then stamped over it with some paint, spritzed on some shimmer mist, stamped a text stamp (which all but disappeared except when the light catches it just right) and tried a few title variations.  Still not 100% happy with this one but it’ll do for now.I just think the blue (Stream daubber) is too intense.  I think I’ll let my stamps dry then stamp with bleach, then rub over the Stream INK and see how I like that.

Anyway I think the bleach stamping, with the ink rubbed over it, is a big success.  I like the look and want to experiment with other dye ink colours – I have some pink and purple and I think both would look fab on the bleached out areas on black card.

I def. DO have the 6 of spades so back to normal next week 🙂


Sunday-someplace-else (Make a Book a Day)

With a wealth of bookmaking info, Make A Book A Day has lots to inspire you.  She makes books from all sorts of things, in all sorts of different ways.  Lots of packaging (like beer and food boxes) and lots of stitched bindings, but all interesting to browse.  They might jump-start your creativity.  She makes use of old book covers a lot, and things like Chinese food take out boxes or Starbucks coffee sleeves.  They will make you look twice at everything before your toss it in the bin or the recycle box.  Some I particularly like:

1.  Recycled manila envelopes

2.  Membership Card (small) book – themed by the subject of the card but totally cute with one of the pretty gift cards you can get nowadays

3. Fly-swatter book!

4.  Board Game covers – love this one.


I do love the thought of making use of commercial packaging designs for books, or taking covers with fab art and turning them in to little notebooks.  Less for the landfill and something unique.  Check it out.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I spent all day yesterday under the desk in my office working in tandem with DH as we tried to sort out the telephone issues.  And while I was at it I took on a huge task that has needed doing for all too long – powering down every bit of technology in my office and sorting out cables – we managed to remove quite a lot of equipment that wasn’t being used, consolidating the power strips a bit, making sure the short leads only had to go a short way, rather that being stretched to their limits.  Oh, and dusting.  Good God there was dust behind my computer like you would not believe.

Still re-organizing the stash a bit, and if I finish I’ll save it for WOYWW – cause I was SO clever last week and only showed my actual desk ! Had I spun round and photographed the other side of the room, the WOW! How Tidy comments would never been more like gasps of horror.  But it was an area-by-area work in progress so I hope I can be forgiven for that.  To be honest, I would love a pretty scrap room, but if I have to choose beauty or functionality I will go for function EVERY TIME.  Case in point – I had two shelves, long ones, completely taken up with clear boxes full of ribbons.  I have a LOT of ribbon, collected over the years, but I don’t use but a bit on anything.  I just don’t.  I’m not willing to get rid of it, but I don’t need it to be on show looking lovely and taking up space.  It’s now all consolidated into a small area, all in Zip-lock bags sorted by colour and on book rings.  And I have a whole shelf available to expand my paints/mists/stains collection so I can see more of it on view.  Result!  Not as pretty, but so what?

Sunny Sunday!



Flippin’ flags

I’ll bet you have NO IDEA where I am going with that post title.  Or maybe you do, being scrappy by nature.  But anyway…

At the crop I was trying to work out a sort of a flag or flip book, using the Cardmaker’s Delight toppers as both embellishment and kinda journaling spots.  I love flag books, but not really for photos so much – I think they make the detail hard to see and while they open out, you don’t really have the ability to see the photos – and what’s more anything on the BACK of the flags is pretty much lost.  So what I wanted was a flag book that flipped.  I was focused on having the two rows of “flags” a single unit, but Julia said something that made me realize I was making it difficult for myself for no reason. So I made it easier.

I started with an A4 sheet of kraft card. Scoring at 1 “, then alternating 1/2 and 1/2, then again at 1 ” across the page I got a different sort of accordion.

Hopefully this will make it clearer.  You are folding each of the 1/2 inch pairs to make a little peak, leaving the 1 inch areas flat.

Yu want to apply your adhesive to stick the 1/2 peaks together, then burnish them as flat as you can.

You can now cut this into strips, as wide as your photo – or in this case as wide as the toppers, and I printed my photos to match the size.  Simply stick one thing to the front of the 1/2 flap, then the other to the back, matching the edges.  Like this:

The you can stick the strip of flaps to the base of your mini-book.  I did two rows, with a gap, that gave me an 8 x 8 inch book.

I did a split cover with a wrap closure and again used the toppers for the decoration.

The book is a handful of some of our best days out – when open, you see all the little staggered photos and the toppers.  Loads of room at the sides for some serious journaling, but I love that the flat 1 inch areas also give space to journal about the individual photos (either writing or by typing and sticking strips – which I think I will do, probably in the same blue as on the cover.)

If you wanted to, you could stand it all up like this!

I liked that it was not dependant on an action you couldn’t control, ie a waterfall, where you pulled a tab and it flipped or the flag book action where you open it and then, well it is what it is.  This lets you flip through the photos, read the journaling, and go at your own speed. Oh, and too funny – if you loo at the photo on the left, with the strip of grass at the bottom, you will see DS poking his head into the shot.  That just made me smile when I saw it.

So there you go.  I have to say I tried other ways to add journaling to the toppers – stamping works great but in this case I didn’t want the letters all wonky and there was NO WAY I was going to use a stamp positioner on all those tiny little stamps to get them perfectly lines up.  The also go thru the printer perfectly well, but I was afraid one tiny slip and they would all be lost – again, I just didn’t feel like doing them one at a time.  So I printed the place-name on craft card, which makes it stand out from the topper a bit more.

I didn’t photo the whole process but once you have the folded flips really you can do just about anything with the cover that you like.  If I had made the side spines (where the split-cover sides attach to the back) maybe 3/4 inch or so, I am sure I could have gotten two more strips, one each  on the inside of the covers.  I would do that if I had A LOT of photos to add.  Likewise you don’t need to add the “title cards” but could do ALL photos, I just think it breaks it  up visually, at that first glance.

It was fun, it was easy, once I worked it out, and the perfect project for a dismal day.



WOYWW 153 – shockingly clean!

Having spend quite a lot of time with my stamps over the last few days I am now pretty happy with the arrangement.  Thank goodness!  One thing I realized is that I need something to make me actually browse thru them to keep fixed in my mind what I have.  That is the idea behind what is surely a not-for-everyone  choice to group the things I have the most of  together.  I hope that will force me to riffle thru them to choose, refreshing my memory of them every time.  First, a closer look at my DI storage solution – bargain of the week at £4.99.

Still tidy after a week.  Result!

Next what is really on my W this week – a pile of needing-to-be-mounted stamps.  God I hate mounting stamps. Thankfully not as many as I feared.

Next a look at the new organization.  I think I have enough flower stamps at this point!

The CD cases with flowers in them fill most of the 2nd shelf.  Have mercy! The bottom shelf is a hodge podge of things that don’t fit (like really big backgrounds) and some wood mounted stamps that I use a lot.  Need to think on that a bit further but it’ll do for now.

and finally a step back from the desk.  I really did reclaim a good 24 inches of usable space!

Ignore all the horrible technology – That’s the router, the VOIP equipment, and the indoor security camera (the other four are outside mounts) and I know it is ugly as sin but not able tobe elsewhere so I deal.

Hope you all have a most excellent Wednesday, and drop by Julia’s  to see the lovely list of creative players in the weekly WOYWW game.  Now I am online again (yay!) I will hope to see yours today! It’s been a month (or more) since I’ve felt truly a part of the desk hop but things are looking up,  the internet is reasonably stable, and except for still not being able to comment on anything other than new-window-for-comments blogs I am feeling ready and raring to go!


Card toppers? Really?

It’s funny, but Laura, at my crop, always says Lucky you!  You must get loads of stuff sent to you to test or use! because of UKS. In reality I can probably count on one hand the times I’ve been approached by someone who wanted me to try something and comment on it.  I think the issue is that there is always the fear that if you get sent something free you will be more inclined to review it favourably.  I don’t do that.  If I like something, I am happy to use it and talk about it.  If I hate it I am happy to send it back rather than lie about how much I like it.

Thankfully, I didn’t just go Yeah, right. Cards when Cardmaker’s Delight emailed me.  I went to the site.  And WOW.  I saw so many sets that I just loved. Wouldn’t these work so well with Prima papers or Webster’s pages? as a little extra? Or as the embellishments for a mini-book? Some of them could even be journaling blocks.

Or these? They are a 49mm x 86mm so not exactly ATC size, but I think they could be incorporated nicely, as a background to build on, maybe.

I was very excited to get my little sample set.  Of the ones they sent, and I know it is all down to personal taste and I am not really a teacups and angels kinda gal, this handful really appealed to me.

I was all set to use the center one, but as I was rushing to pack my crop bag I managed to grab purple flowers rather than pinks so I had to quickly adjust when I unpacked. Fortunately I had this topper as well.

The lacy frame is one of the Marianne Creatables and just sets off the topper without totally framing it.  I’m ok with that. The background was embossed with a folder then smudged with Milled Lavender and Dusty Concord on the high spots.  Some little flowers and a sentiment (cheers to Allison for that – must find that set – it’s very delicate and small and stamps well) finished it off.  Too purple?  I did mess about with a lighter background, but went with the more is more version LOL!

I did also get a full set, in addition to the random samples, but again it isn’t something I would have chosen myself.   Despite that, I did immediately have an idea of how I wanted to use it.  The mechanics of it took me longer to work out than I thought, and I ran out of crop time.  I’ll finish that and share it soon.

So there you go.  I really like these, and will def. have a closer look now the internet is back (BTW, if I hear one more time from some technical boffin You are quite far from the exchange I may scream) and see what else wants to come live in my stash….



BIG CARDS – 8 of Spades

For the first time since I started doing these I just about gave up today.  I tried so many different things, including glue crackle (my cheap PVA was not Elmers, was very stringy and gloopy, and it was just rubbish), pastels (mine were not-water-blendable oil pastels, looked rubbish), a different embossing over coloured card, sort of a Joseph’s Coat-like technique (the paper was perhaps too thin to stand up ti all the inking and embossing and rubbing, looked rubbish), and a different sort of stamping and embossing (by that point my hands were so coated in inks and paint and other sticking things I kept staining the near-final effect with them), so in the end, rubbish) and nothing was making me smile.

But I spent quite a lot of time sorting thru my stamps, and there was a pile of borders on my desk.  That proved the success of the day.  I grouped them on my stamp block, stamping and embossing with my lovely WOW clear embossing powders.  Where there were gaps I added a very thin border stamp to fill in. I left one area blank for the number word.

I sponged on some green Kaleidacolor inks – it could have been Distress ink but I think that may have lacked the vivid intensity I wanted and didn’t want the reaction to the wet mist.  I spritzed some bright lime Cosmic Shimmer over that then smudged the edges with Black Soot DI so it fit more with the basic-black theme of Spades.

I’m frankly a bit fed up now.  Usually I have the idea, of a technique I’ve seen or heard of and fancy experimenting with, and while I may have the odd false start usually it works out in the end.  Today was just an exercise in frustration! I do love the final product, and think I love my border stamps a lot, but it just took too blinkin’ long to accomplish.    Only 8 more Spades to go then back to red for Diamonds…..