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BIG CARDS – 5 of Spades

Closing in on the Ace of Spades now.  I was craving a bit more colour so this week I started with a WHITE piece of card, with the idea to add the black via … something. I had a disastrous first attempt involving gold and black paint, then switched gears and went for Distress stains.  Both DD and I have a manic week with lots of appointments, workmen visiting, social events – most are all for DD, as I have no social life  – but DH may take part in a local chili cook off so I must make time for stall decor – any ideas other than bunting?  I missed out on the SBS shots as this one just flowed from start to finish (look at the time!  I only started this at 9 AM!)  and I just didn’t give a thought to the camera.

But this is what I used – Distress stains and Black Soot ink, those old sticky letter masks, a bit of teflon grid (something for cooking, I forget what, but £1 at the £ store), some red paint and a sheet from an old dictionary.

I smeared the Distress Stains on the white card, fairly randomly, and let them dry.  I stuck the masks to the book paper, tore it “artfully” and stuck that to the stained background (I used Mod Podge, cause I have it.)  Then, laying over the grid, I sponged thru the Black Soot.  Once I had the whole gridded background, I smudged on the ink all over the book paper.  Removing the mask left me with the book paper letters on view.  I do like that.  You can sort of see the text very faintly, more as a pattern than legible, around the letters.

I added the lines of red paint with an old Amazon gift card and smudged a few other areas.

I may add a couple more smudges, or extend the existing ones as they look a bit TOO random for my liking.  But I have much to do and little time, so that may have to wait a few hours.  You get the idea anyway.

I have an idea for 4 next week but who knows if I’ll carry thru with it.  I often don’t then come back to it weeks later!  And I realize when I hit the Ace I’ll be half way through.  And back to red…..