Sunday-right-here, sort of! Making Stamps

Eons ago I got an Imagepac stamp making set.  I always intended to give it a go but hesitated as it seemed like much could go wrong.  Looking at the newer Imagepac kits  (the self-contained pod rather than the desk lamp, the tray, the timer, etc) …

… the Theresa Collins Stampmaker seems to be exactly that, re-branded with some specialty designs.

Anyway, I got the new printer, and got it all installed, seems to be working fine, and this was the first thing on my to-do list that I tackled.

I have always LOVED this image from The Graphics Fairy:

So I grabbed the image, did all the stuff to make the negative image for the stamp making, and away I went.  Honestly, putting together the stupid desk lamp and finding someplace to clamp it to was the most trouble.  The rest of it went pretty smoothly.  And am pretty happy with the results:

Stamped with Kaleidacolor

Stamped with Distress Ink:

Stamped with Versafine:

Stamped with Clearly Better Brown:

Overall not too shabby!  While I would like to try out the new and improved stampmaker pod at some point, I have the process down now so while I suspect it is better/easier, it remains to be seen if buying a whole new one is worth it.  It might be but then you never KNOW until you do, and as the reviews are mixed and it seems much more expensive than I recall it being when I saw it on QVC or C&C a while back I am more likely to hold off.  I have one more image that I am dying to make into a stamp, but the art is not the best, more of an outline, and I am pretty sure it won’t work as is.