WOYWW 155 – paper towel playtime

Hello all!  What is on my desk today I wonder?  Well I know, but you don’t, yet.

First, an international comparison. On the left we have a typical American roll of paper towels (kitchen roll to my UK friends) and on the right the standard UK size.

Interesting, no?

Shift that away and you will see what I am playing with – I had read about using paper towels for art in a very old Somerset Studio and always hankered to give it a try.  So I did. I seem to be in a very kitchen-y mood with my experiments, between the waxed paper and now the towels.

And some of my samples, which TODAY I will be turning into something fabulous (gee, I’m optimistic!) Two for the price of one, as the towels are 2-ply.

And a paler one, with some over-stamping.

That should keep me busy.  I had planned on sorting my ATC but my printer died.  A new one is on order and I’ll hope it arrives in time.  If not, I can’t do what I want!  If I haven’t gotten it by Monday I’ll have to decide if I want to hold fast with my perfect idea or try to come up with another one that will accomplish the same thing.  All very cryptic but I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for the recipient!

Anyway, hop on over to The Stamping Ground, home of the WOYWW weekly visit to desks hither and yon. SOMEONE will inspire you I promise!

<sigh> I remembered to go back and check to see if my trick of forcing the comment box to reappear actually worked, and the comments I left last week showed up.  They didn’t.  But in the wee hours I WAS able to comment on those sorts of blogs from my iPad.  So now it is just a matter of commenting on the ones I can from my desk top then scooting to my iPad to try from there.  I inch ever closer to developing the procedure to follow every week!