Story of Us printables


And the hits just keep on coming!  No, not tooting my own horn – hits in the sense that after months and months of internet/computer issues, I finally felt like I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and…my printer died.  Typical, in that the last time I bought ink cartridges I (for the first time in AGES) got a multi-piece set.  So now I have a dead printer and a load of carts that I can’t use.  ARRRGGGHHH! and the process of selecting a new one is just so hard.  The Epson Stylus Photo 1400 I bought the last time a printer dies has been good, but I found it had no “transparency” setting, which was what I always used to print on vellum.  The ink tended to bead up on all but one type vellum (and not the cheap one)so I sort of gave that up, although I did always like doing it.  I feel the same thing picking a new printer – that there will be SOMETHING I am not expecting that I won’t be able to do and I won’t find out until I buy and install it.

Why am I sharing?  Well I had made a set of printables and can’t print them to test the sizing – because while I think I’ve sorted the Preview issue I had hoped to be able to check it.

I’l throwing them up here – grab ’em if you like ’em.  The are small title cards that might work for Project Life title pages.

Here is a screen grab for you in lieu of a photo of them printed:

I have a little strip of companion circles, with just the birds and heart in them but I don’t want to add them till I can print them and tweak them for the standard circle punch.

I’ve been working on my ATC card for the WOYWW swap and I have to say I am LOVING it.  I tried an interesting technique that I will share more on after the recipient gets it following WOYWW 156.  That is if I can get a printed image of the final piece in time!


4 thoughts on “Story of Us printables

  1. Just sharing … I have a canon pixma printer and love it .. scans, prints photos and I use it everyday for something. I buy the refills for just 5.95 each from a place online and have never had a problem printing. I love that they are all seperate inks and just get replaced one a a time … just for some heads up on your printer shopping

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