Sunday-right-here – Printables for Project Life or layouts

Someone commented on one of my YouTube videos that they always laugh at my computer glitches.  I’m not laughing now, but will, I’m sure.  It is V V annoying when upgrading fixes some things but breaks others.  apparently (and I find this only after printing 10s of sheets to test it out) Preview in Snow Leopard has a documented bug that makes if REFUSE to print things in the correct size unless you manually tick a variety of boxes EVERY TIME to force it to ignore some hard-coded preferences.  As a result my last set of printable may end up being too small because it was only after it happened again that I considered the possibility it wasn’t ME that was the problem.  LOL!  That is always my first assumption – that I am doing something wrong.  How rubbish is that?

I won’t bore you with the details.  Suffice to say that I think I found how to sort it.

Here they are.  One Brown, one Black – I guess I’ll call them Amazing Week:

And two more, one for a boy, one for a girl.

I’ve opted to add them as individual sheets and as a single PDF.  I go back and forth as to which is best.  One the one hand, making a multi-page PDF makes for a quick, one-click download of the whole set, whereas posting them as individual sheets means you can grab only the ones you want.

I did these landscape as I seem to do more portrait ones and it makes a change.  They should save easily as .PNGs in PSE for digital use. They really are not meant to be rounded at the corners.  I usually try to show both straight corners and rounded ones, but the boxes-design doesn’t lend itself to rounded corners!

If you use them I would love for your to comment with a link to your blog or Flicker or Pinterest or whatever so I can see them in use.