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A little printable

I’ve been playing with my program, trying to see if the upgrade will make any difference.  It seems to be doing some fairly bizzare things with the sizing.  when I create the printable, I am setting the size to exactly 2.875 x 3.9375.  It all looks good, based on the grid.  Then I save it as a PDF and print it and the sizes are all wrong.  I’ve played with the page size setting, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Despite all that I think I have it sorted – but there is nothing more frustrating when technology goes awry for no discernible reason.  So I’d be interested to know if they print OK for you.  Drop a comment if when YOU print them there is something wrong.

Nothing hugely special but I hope they are useful!

I’ve been stymied in my efforts to find the time to make another of the “complex cards” so I am giving up.  I will make one, but I don’t really want to wait any longer to add the link to the updated SVGs my lovely commenter Ruth did for me.  I’ll go back as soon as this posts to add the Dropbox links to the ones with spaced out score lines.  If you are planning on printing and hand scoring/cutting, the originals are just fine.  If you want to use some sort of cutting machine, the ones with MORESPACE in the title will perhaps be better for you.