WOYWW 154 – ribbon organization

I’m not quite there with my re-org, due to the fact that I a) spent all day Saturday when I SHOULD have been cropping crawling around under my desk sorting out the rat’s nest of cables and removing technology that was unneeded (because the phone stopped working and DH needed to sit at my desk and say no, plug that one in, no the other one. Now swap the connectors…) and b) because I got my bundle of Distress Stains and I had to have a play (and make a mess) yesterday.  I tried a few things, in addition to the card you will see in yesterday’s post.  I tried embossing then brayering over Picket Fence and misting with colour wash (the red BINGO card, which is higher contrast than you can see in the photo) then stamping with Picket Fence, letting it dry completely and misting on Cosmic shimmer (the bright blue one – I like that a lot) and some experiments with text stamps (off the edge there, also blue.) I have to say I am loving my big foam stamps lately.  The stamping with bleach I did with them, then the sponging on dye inks (from Monday) looks sooo cool.  It’s made me drag quite a few of them out.

I did make progress on my ribbon storage.  What I had in mind was the plastic strips that you see hanging from the shelves in the grocery store, usually displaying something like straws, near the juice.  I actually scored one empty one the last time I shopped but stupidly left it in the cart when I loaded the groceries into the car.  Such a numpty.

I wanted to see if I could come up with something similar from stuff I had around the house.  I did – one super fast and easy, one a little more time-consuming .

On the left are some strips of matte board, free from my local framer.  I added some brads, so they crate little hangers and hung the bags of ribbons with big binder clips.  That is very much like the grocery store hangers but does take some time.  The other is just a strip of the grippy part of  a Velcro strip.  Then little 3″ bits of the fizzy part slip thru the back loop of the binder clip, sticking to the grippy strip.

Frankly, I thought I would get on with my ribbons organized in this way, but I didn’t want to make the mistake I USUALLY make, which it to spend ages creating something for storage then decide, in the end, that I don’t like it or it isn’t workable. So I whacked these together in a flash and I’ll give it a week or so to see how I get on with them this way.  I suspect it will be great, and it let me reclaim a whole shelf and a 1/2 by getting rid of all the clear boxes of ribbon (making room for those stains!)  but, as ever, only time will tell!  I ran out of binder clips so the purple and the orange and the brown collections are missing for the moment.

I need to add the improved SVG for my complex card today but really wanted to make ONE MORE to accompany the post so between hopping across blogland and cleaning the house that is what I will be doing this WOYWW day.  I did find an interesting thing last week – on those blogs where, in the past, I have not been able to comment because the window is under the existing comments but disappears when they fully load, I found if I click REPLY then the link that says ADD A COMMENT appears and I can click it and type.Of course 99% of the blogs have comments moderated so I don’t know if it actually worked because I’m never organized enough to make a note of the ones I tried that on and go back later to check to see if my comment appeared LOL! But I have hope – ya gotta have hope, right?

Have a happy WOYWW.  can’t wait to see what everyone is doing!