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BIG CARDS – 7 of Spades (oops! no card!)

DOH.  Remember a while back I said a couple of card were missing from my deck?  Well this is one of them.  Grrr.  Not found them at Tiger recently so wondering if I will be able to.  Hope so.

But I’ll carry on.  I knew the size so I just made my piece to that size.  I have always been hesitant to give bleach stamping a try but I was determined to do so.

I first tried making my little “stamp pad” with a folded up paper towel, but it left fuzzy little bits on my piece so I made a stamp pad out of the packaging from an embossing folder (deep with sides to contain the bleach) and some coffee filters.  Much better. I stamped with a foam stamp all over the background card.

After letting the bleach do it’s thing, I ended up with this:

Once I had the bleached images, I wanted to colour it.  I tried Distress ink (barely left any colour at all) chalk ink (same – just not any impact) and thought about chalk but thought that would be hard to contain and it would colour the black background as well, leaving not enough contrast.  I had the Kaleidacolor pads out so I gave the dye ink a try.  Result.  And lovely.

I used blues and greens, and then stamped over it with some paint, spritzed on some shimmer mist, stamped a text stamp (which all but disappeared except when the light catches it just right) and tried a few title variations.  Still not 100% happy with this one but it’ll do for now.I just think the blue (Stream daubber) is too intense.  I think I’ll let my stamps dry then stamp with bleach, then rub over the Stream INK and see how I like that.

Anyway I think the bleach stamping, with the ink rubbed over it, is a big success.  I like the look and want to experiment with other dye ink colours – I have some pink and purple and I think both would look fab on the bleached out areas on black card.

I def. DO have the 6 of spades so back to normal next week 🙂