Sunday-someplace-else (Make a Book a Day)

With a wealth of bookmaking info, Make A Book A Day has lots to inspire you.  She makes books from all sorts of things, in all sorts of different ways.  Lots of packaging (like beer and food boxes) and lots of stitched bindings, but all interesting to browse.  They might jump-start your creativity.  She makes use of old book covers a lot, and things like Chinese food take out boxes or Starbucks coffee sleeves.  They will make you look twice at everything before your toss it in the bin or the recycle box.  Some I particularly like:

1.  Recycled manila envelopes

2.  Membership Card (small) book – themed by the subject of the card but totally cute with one of the pretty gift cards you can get nowadays

3. Fly-swatter book!

4.  Board Game covers – love this one.


I do love the thought of making use of commercial packaging designs for books, or taking covers with fab art and turning them in to little notebooks.  Less for the landfill and something unique.  Check it out.

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I spent all day yesterday under the desk in my office working in tandem with DH as we tried to sort out the telephone issues.  And while I was at it I took on a huge task that has needed doing for all too long – powering down every bit of technology in my office and sorting out cables – we managed to remove quite a lot of equipment that wasn’t being used, consolidating the power strips a bit, making sure the short leads only had to go a short way, rather that being stretched to their limits.  Oh, and dusting.  Good God there was dust behind my computer like you would not believe.

Still re-organizing the stash a bit, and if I finish I’ll save it for WOYWW – cause I was SO clever last week and only showed my actual desk ! Had I spun round and photographed the other side of the room, the WOW! How Tidy comments would never been more like gasps of horror.  But it was an area-by-area work in progress so I hope I can be forgiven for that.  To be honest, I would love a pretty scrap room, but if I have to choose beauty or functionality I will go for function EVERY TIME.  Case in point – I had two shelves, long ones, completely taken up with clear boxes full of ribbons.  I have a LOT of ribbon, collected over the years, but I don’t use but a bit on anything.  I just don’t.  I’m not willing to get rid of it, but I don’t need it to be on show looking lovely and taking up space.  It’s now all consolidated into a small area, all in Zip-lock bags sorted by colour and on book rings.  And I have a whole shelf available to expand my paints/mists/stains collection so I can see more of it on view.  Result!  Not as pretty, but so what?

Sunny Sunday!