Flippin’ flags


I’ll bet you have NO IDEA where I am going with that post title.  Or maybe you do, being scrappy by nature.  But anyway…

At the crop I was trying to work out a sort of a flag or flip book, using the Cardmaker’s Delight toppers as both embellishment and kinda journaling spots.  I love flag books, but not really for photos so much – I think they make the detail hard to see and while they open out, you don’t really have the ability to see the photos – and what’s more anything on the BACK of the flags is pretty much lost.  So what I wanted was a flag book that flipped.  I was focused on having the two rows of “flags” a single unit, but Julia said something that made me realize I was making it difficult for myself for no reason. So I made it easier.

I started with an A4 sheet of kraft card. Scoring at 1 “, then alternating 1/2 and 1/2, then again at 1 ” across the page I got a different sort of accordion.

Hopefully this will make it clearer.  You are folding each of the 1/2 inch pairs to make a little peak, leaving the 1 inch areas flat.

Yu want to apply your adhesive to stick the 1/2 peaks together, then burnish them as flat as you can.

You can now cut this into strips, as wide as your photo – or in this case as wide as the toppers, and I printed my photos to match the size.  Simply stick one thing to the front of the 1/2 flap, then the other to the back, matching the edges.  Like this:

The you can stick the strip of flaps to the base of your mini-book.  I did two rows, with a gap, that gave me an 8 x 8 inch book.

I did a split cover with a wrap closure and again used the toppers for the decoration.

The book is a handful of some of our best days out – when open, you see all the little staggered photos and the toppers.  Loads of room at the sides for some serious journaling, but I love that the flat 1 inch areas also give space to journal about the individual photos (either writing or by typing and sticking strips – which I think I will do, probably in the same blue as on the cover.)

If you wanted to, you could stand it all up like this!

I liked that it was not dependant on an action you couldn’t control, ie a waterfall, where you pulled a tab and it flipped or the flag book action where you open it and then, well it is what it is.  This lets you flip through the photos, read the journaling, and go at your own speed. Oh, and too funny – if you loo at the photo on the left, with the strip of grass at the bottom, you will see DS poking his head into the shot.  That just made me smile when I saw it.

So there you go.  I have to say I tried other ways to add journaling to the toppers – stamping works great but in this case I didn’t want the letters all wonky and there was NO WAY I was going to use a stamp positioner on all those tiny little stamps to get them perfectly lines up.  The also go thru the printer perfectly well, but I was afraid one tiny slip and they would all be lost – again, I just didn’t feel like doing them one at a time.  So I printed the place-name on craft card, which makes it stand out from the topper a bit more.

I didn’t photo the whole process but once you have the folded flips really you can do just about anything with the cover that you like.  If I had made the side spines (where the split-cover sides attach to the back) maybe 3/4 inch or so, I am sure I could have gotten two more strips, one each  on the inside of the covers.  I would do that if I had A LOT of photos to add.  Likewise you don’t need to add the “title cards” but could do ALL photos, I just think it breaks it  up visually, at that first glance.

It was fun, it was easy, once I worked it out, and the perfect project for a dismal day.


5 thoughts on “Flippin’ flags

  1. SOS! I love this, its such an effective way to display all those lovely photos

  2. Great idea!

  3. Ooh thank you ! That has got some creative juices flowing and Mr. Mojo wants to play!

  4. Ah, I see now! I was wondering what you had planned for these! Great tutorial, love the finished result. I have shared this to my Facebook, and will also link from my blog. Thanks so much, once again for agreeing to test drive my samples. Regards, Tracy @ Cardmaker’s Delights xxx (PS: Sorry if this posts as anonymous again, can’t get my head round why it’s doing that!)

  5. I love this…thank you so much !

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