WOYWW 153 – shockingly clean!


Having spend quite a lot of time with my stamps over the last few days I am now pretty happy with the arrangement.  Thank goodness!  One thing I realized is that I need something to make me actually browse thru them to keep fixed in my mind what I have.  That is the idea behind what is surely a not-for-everyone  choice to group the things I have the most of  together.  I hope that will force me to riffle thru them to choose, refreshing my memory of them every time.  First, a closer look at my DI storage solution – bargain of the week at £4.99.

Still tidy after a week.  Result!

Next what is really on my W this week – a pile of needing-to-be-mounted stamps.  God I hate mounting stamps. Thankfully not as many as I feared.

Next a look at the new organization.  I think I have enough flower stamps at this point!

The CD cases with flowers in them fill most of the 2nd shelf.  Have mercy! The bottom shelf is a hodge podge of things that don’t fit (like really big backgrounds) and some wood mounted stamps that I use a lot.  Need to think on that a bit further but it’ll do for now.

and finally a step back from the desk.  I really did reclaim a good 24 inches of usable space!

Ignore all the horrible technology – That’s the router, the VOIP equipment, and the indoor security camera (the other four are outside mounts) and I know it is ugly as sin but not able tobe elsewhere so I deal.

Hope you all have a most excellent Wednesday, and drop by Julia’s  to see the lovely list of creative players in the weekly WOYWW game.  Now I am online again (yay!) I will hope to see yours today! It’s been a month (or more) since I’ve felt truly a part of the desk hop but things are looking up,  the internet is reasonably stable, and except for still not being able to comment on anything other than new-window-for-comments blogs I am feeling ready and raring to go!

36 thoughts on “WOYWW 153 – shockingly clean!

  1. I have had a good cruise now and have loved your blog, found some before type angles and am impressed with what you did.

  2. very busy desk there and a lot of security equipment lol, also love your flip book might case the idea
    Bridget #12

  3. Holy moly – look how organized you are!!! You go girl. I agree with you, I forget I have it unless I see it. Although since I don’t have a permanent desk I have it organized in two closets.

    May 10 post is interesting – very clever of you!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #127

  4. Your organized space is such an inspiration!

    Shar #182

  5. You have brilliant storage ideas and the book in the next post is really brilliant, How clever.
    A x #47

  6. Looking amazingly tidy and organized! Good job! I have a drawer and a tub that contain things I forget I have. Happy WOYWW! Warmly Tracy #16

  7. I hope my workspace looks that clean one day soon! haha Very nice and organized…and way cool pretties and goodies on your desk!! 🙂


  8. So well organised and tidy – thanks for sharing (Hazel, WOYWW #95) x

  9. Impressive organisation and your desk looks spacious. I, too, hate mounting stamps and will do just about anything to avoid it … it’s, quite literally, such a pain. Love your ink pad storage – it really is neat. Too late to wish you a happy day so have a happy and crafty week instead. Elizabeth x #68

  10. your reorganisation is looking good,not keen on mounting my stamps so make sure i do them as i go
    have a fab crafty woyww
    kay #28

  11. Now I am going on a hunt through your blog to see if I can find some before photos to compare with all this organisation! Love that DI storage, bargain price too!

  12. How organised you are! Lots of new stamps to mount – I just put tack n peel on my acrylic block and then the rubber clings without mounting!

  13. Your ink storage was a brilliant buy and your desk looks so clean and organised, makes me want to come over and throw stuff about!!

    Brenda 117

  14. Wow! I’m impressed with all that organization. It will make playing that much easier. I gave up mounting unmounted stamps and now just use a tack it over and over glue. I HATED cutting up mounting. Now I just paint the backs of the stamps, let it dry, and then plop them into CD cases or onto sheet protectors in 3-ring bingers. Anyway, the desk is looking fabulous! #150

  15. Now that is tidy and organised! Hugs trace x 25

  16. Love your organised space!!!

  17. Thanks for the peek in your craftroom! well organized!
    Happy WOYWW Wednesday!
    Hugs Marleen #8

  18. I love keeping things in order… but sometimes I organize so good I can’t find anything LOL have a great day

  19. WOW, So well organinised.. Fabulous storage the ink storage… Hugs May x x #31

  20. It’s amazing what a difference a few drawers and boxes can make. You are super organised now and so clear.
    Have a great week.
    Von #18

  21. Fab organisation, my kind of thing! I really need to sort my stuff too. Take care, enjoy WOYWW this week, I know I will! Zo xx 73

  22. How fabulously tidy!! Thanks for sharing.


  23. I buy UMs and then put off using them rather than mount them, it’s a job I hate. Storage is too …you really are getting on top of it now. Your desk is starting to look really spacious! I like the post before about the toppers…there are quite a few that I I could cheerfully incorporate too, so off to browse further. Yikes.

  24. Hi Nary Anne…thanks for today’s crafty snoop…great organization…happy WOYWW…hugs kath (44) xxx

  25. Those litte sets of drawers are cool aren’t they, I bought set one the other day. BJ#41

  26. Welcome back! Do you think that Julia will be cross with me for putting her picture out there on WOYWW? Ooh – where did you get your DI storage from? It looks perfick….LOL

  27. Your desk and organisation are a true inspiration – great storage! Anne #2

  28. what a wonderfully, organized desk all ready for you to create some magic!!!
    wonderful storage ideas – i have taken note 🙂
    no. 36

  29. Impressive!!! And what a collection of stamps! I thought I had many but you must have about 10 times my amount, and by the looks of it, you’ll actually be able to find yours….. Know what you mean about mounting..
    Have a great Wednesday hopping the world!

  30. So much amazing storage! And so tidy…. from an untidy crafter, well done!!! Helen #9

  31. …super neat & tidy & all bathed in sunlight to highlight your great handywork…great space thanks for sharing…Mel 🙂 #30

  32. So lovely, tidy, organised.An inspiration. I could come and mess it up for you!!!

  33. Great organization going on there, and wow, you have a lot of stamps! waving hi from the rainy hills of North Carolina 🙂 #6

  34. Wow…I wish you would get me going on wonderful organization like that! I started on my stamps, and then sort of got bored and quit. I need to get with it after seeing this!

  35. I envy you your space and organization. I too, have some stamps to mount, and for that reason, have not been in my craft area this week. I have been moving things around in there, too. I think, after seeing your pictures to inspire me, I will make the effort in the morning.
    Thanks for sharing, Julie.

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