WOYWW 153 – shockingly clean!

Having spend quite a lot of time with my stamps over the last few days I am now pretty happy with the arrangement.  Thank goodness!  One thing I realized is that I need something to make me actually browse thru them to keep fixed in my mind what I have.  That is the idea behind what is surely a not-for-everyone  choice to group the things I have the most of  together.  I hope that will force me to riffle thru them to choose, refreshing my memory of them every time.  First, a closer look at my DI storage solution – bargain of the week at £4.99.

Still tidy after a week.  Result!

Next what is really on my W this week – a pile of needing-to-be-mounted stamps.  God I hate mounting stamps. Thankfully not as many as I feared.

Next a look at the new organization.  I think I have enough flower stamps at this point!

The CD cases with flowers in them fill most of the 2nd shelf.  Have mercy! The bottom shelf is a hodge podge of things that don’t fit (like really big backgrounds) and some wood mounted stamps that I use a lot.  Need to think on that a bit further but it’ll do for now.

and finally a step back from the desk.  I really did reclaim a good 24 inches of usable space!

Ignore all the horrible technology – That’s the router, the VOIP equipment, and the indoor security camera (the other four are outside mounts) and I know it is ugly as sin but not able tobe elsewhere so I deal.

Hope you all have a most excellent Wednesday, and drop by Julia’s  to see the lovely list of creative players in the weekly WOYWW game.  Now I am online again (yay!) I will hope to see yours today! It’s been a month (or more) since I’ve felt truly a part of the desk hop but things are looking up,  the internet is reasonably stable, and except for still not being able to comment on anything other than new-window-for-comments blogs I am feeling ready and raring to go!