Sunday-right-here – a layout!

Well, finally, finally, I may have solved all the internet issues.  BT sorted the uncovered thingie that was letting water drip in and corrode the equipment, manually closed the fault so Talk Talk could reset the SNR (Signal to Noise ratio) and we are getting the fastest speeds we have had in months.  Doing the total happy dance.  I’ll ignore the fact the power supply for the VOIP system died, and that the mail server crashed (AGAIN) and that took another couple of days to sort, and that I spent more time talking to India in the last 4 days than I spent talking to my hubby, because there is really no point. It just stresses me out. I have a total love/hate relationship with technology.  I LOVE it when it works, but nothing makes me more crazy than when it doesn’t and the fix is elusive and/or time consuming!

Had a lovely crop with the Ludgershall gals yesterday, and realize I neglected to photograph a couple of things that got handed over as gifts at the crop.  Only time will tell if the recipient shares them.  Must do better on that front.

I didn’t get a massive amount done, a card and the bones of a mini-book (which took so long as I had some math stuff and some mechanical stuff to sort out before I could get down to the actual making) but I feel like I have been away for ages – even though I only missed posting for a day or two.  This layout is just one I made at last month’s crop. Pretty simple stuff, but I like the colour combo and the photo a lot.  I need to address the mess on my desk, as I made very little progress since Wednesday’s WOYWW, when my connection all went to hell in a handbasket, and sort out UKS stuff, so I’m just popping it up for your perusal.

I realize I neglected to add the date – must try to track that down.  Still writing on layouts more than computer journaling, but looking at my rubbish handwriting, I often think I should go back to typing.  Must stay strong!

Looking back over recent layouts, surely there is nothing more useful than patterned paper that includes strips of stuff.  I love the barcode-y strip at the top, and almost all my recent layouts have had something similar – some little strip of something that I can’t seem to scrap without including.  They work so well to define areas.  I wonder if it is worth hunting through my stash to pull those out and just cut them up and store them as strips?  They are the one kind of paper I feel it worth getting two of, just to have them on hand.  I wish all the reverse sides were ugly so I wouldn’t be tempted to use it and ruin the strips!

A job for another day.  Today, it’s all UKS, laundry,  stamp re-org, and general tidying!