Arrrrgggh! and a shared complex card

I am fed up with Internet issues.  I will try to be brief as I’m sure you are as bored with it all as I am. But as I didn’t manage a single desk yesterday I feel I must explain.

I have been having issues for months now.  New router and  upgrade of my OS seemed to help but since Sunday things have been dicey.  Tuesday night I struggled to sort my WOYWW post, then was able to do the Mr Linky Weds. AM then it all went south.  Within an hour I couldn’t even load a page AT ALL. The router said we were well-connected, but nothing worked.  Two hours on the phone with Talk Talk (India) and a very pleasant but unhelpful call center worker walked through his little script (Turn it off then reboot – how often does that really work? – and then trying to get us to change our router setting to a dynamic Talk Talk IP address when we in fact have a STATIC IP address {from way back when Bulldog was our provider, and which we maintained thru our time with Pipex}  then dropped the call, requiring us to call back and start all over again) and I thought to call BT, even though the voice line was fine and phone calls were coming thru.  Surprise surprise, there is a fault on the line!

So, it could take till the 8th before it is sorted, hopefully finally.

In the meantime I’ve been thru a couple of temporary solutions – the mobile WiFi hub has been lent out,  MiFi’s signal is too weak here, but DH’s Archos android tablet has 3G sharing and that is letting me work, minimally, for brief periods – I have to make 2 gig of data time last till BT gets the line fixed.

I DID want to share this:  I got a comment then emailed back the lovely Tina.  She had used the template for the complex card and while she did manage it, she said the score marks were perhaps too close.  Ruth re-did the template to test and Tina confirmed it is better. Once I can get large files again Ruth will re-do the oval one as well and I’ll replace them in DropBox.  Over 100 downloaded the files, only the one commented there was a problem, so I don’t know if you will need the new one or not, but I will post in the original threads.  If you downloaded it and it worked for you with your cardstock/machine combo, no worries.  If it didn’t, the new one will be up as soon as I can manage it.

And Tina sent me her card which I want to share.  So here you go.  Didn’t she do well? Love the shaped cover.