WOYWW 152 – too many stamps

I have been having one of my too frequent (and not frequent enough) sort outs.  I have a plan and am single-minded in my goal to get things organized in such a way that they are easy to reach as I am working, easy to find, and grouped so like things reside with like. Ink pads and stamps were top of my list.

I made a trip to Hobby Craft.  I don’t do it often, as I think overall their prices are higher than many of the UKS Sponsor shops, but I really wanted my Distress Inks more accessible.  I use them more than any other ink pad and it has always been a pain to have them in a drawer, stacked, as I couldn’t see what the colours were.  I went to HC looking for some foam core and had an idea for how I could adapt something I already had to make some visible storage.  Instead, I found this RUB unit.  It has 16 compartments, and is designed to hold little RUB boxes.  But I thought it would work for a DI storage unit.  Since HC also had the ink pads I was able to check.  Once I confirmed that it would work I bought it.  Frankly, the foam core was a lot more expensive (over £20 for a bigger pack than I needed but I always like to have some put by as it’s so useful) and this little gem was … wait for it … £4.99.  Yep.  Each compartment holds four DI pads. I don’t mind them being stacked and not having their own little shelf as I can see the labels on the sides just fine.  What’s more, I fit in all my Staz-on pads, all my Adirondack pads, , my Versamark, Memento and Versafine pads, and the Clearly Better ones for clear stamps.  You can sort of see that behind the mess.

I decided that my stamps need addressing.  While I am fairly happy with the CD cover arrangement, as I can see at a glance what I have, I have let them all get in to a bit of a state.  I blame Julia LOL!  When I spied her holding-basket of stamps needing washing and putting away, I though Great Idea!  and it is, if you follow thru.  And I haven’t.  I also loathe mounting stamps with a passion that I forget every time I see some cool unmounted set and end up buying it.  Honestly, I have stamps I KNOW I would use if only they were mounted.  And I also have a ton of stamps that I like, may use, but they are not in heavy rotation.  So it seems a decision tree needs creating:

Do I love this stamp? Will I use it on a regular basis? -> If yes, pile over there. If NO -> Is it one I will use at least sometimes -> If yes, pile it over THERE for relocation. If NO -> pile it over THERE to be donated, or sold.

Is it mounted? -> If yes, leave it over THERE.  If no MOUNT IT RIGHT NOW and put it back over there.

Is it one of a few stamps that are all alike (swirls, texture, sentiments and text) and that I  have A LOT of? -> If yes pile them together. If NO, it’s unique -> different pile.

and so on and so on and scooby dooby do.  In the end what I hope is I will have all the like stamps together, so when I am choosing a swirl, for example, I can look at ALL of them, and not just pluck the one that is most easily to hand.

I’ve already sorted my alphabet sets and foam stamps and dumped a load of rubbish out of my drawer towers.  I’ve shifted a bit over on my desk as all the stupid electronics are on the left and I was sitting in front of them, losing valuable desktop real estate by not being centrally seated.  I think I’ve actually gained about 2 feet of usable space.

So there you have it.  Chaos with a plan and a goal.  Fingers crossed I will get thru it in a timely fashion so I have time to finish off a few things and plan&pack for the crop on Saturday.  I’m excited – having a lovely re-org is always something to celebrate.  Now once I get thru the week of having NO IDEA where the new home of some much-loved, used, NEEDED item is, I’ll be golden.  Till the next time I get lazy ….

Why, you ask,  am I laying my shame bare like this?  Clearly you have not been a part of WOYWW for long enough to realize the one who shamelessly shares the mess on their desk can produce horror, admiration, smug satisfaction (that you are not THAT bad) and often all three simultaneously.  Check out the desks this week by beginning your hop of shame at The Stamping Ground! Trust me, it’s fun, inspirational, and if your desk is tidy, likely to give you that glowing smug feeling for the whole day.