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My Family printables for Project Life and scrapbooking

Been a while since I did a printable.  actually I had done this one a while back for myself but it was using an old favourite font, one that was available for a short time and I cannot, despite repeated effort, find for download.  It was called Jeannie Shrimpton and I just loved its quirky look.  Banana Frog made it in to stamps (which I have and love) but I can’t seem to find them active as a business either.  Am I living in the past? LOL!  I think so.  Anyway, it seemed a bit pointless to share something with an unmatchable font, so I re-did them using Teen, which is widely available.  I did them in black and in brown. Four 4 x 3 (ish) blocks.

I don’t think you can really see the rich warm brown in the photo.  a word about that.  I use some very specific print setting for my stuff.  I always switch to Archival Matte (or just Matte if that is your only option) rather than Plain Paper and my printer has a setting called Epson Vivid.  I use that but change it to Gamma 2.2 in the Color Management drop down. My point is that if your colours are not what you want them to be, look at your printer options and tweak them.

Now I have a ton of stuff to do so will see you again for WOYWW tomorrow.  I cannot believe it has been going for nearly 3 years!