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BIG CARDS – 9 of Spades

Very hectic morning.  But here, finally, is my Monday BIG CARD.

While tidying up a bit I came across a sea sponge – pristine, never used.  I thought Why not? So I grabbed a couple of bright colours and my black cardstock, dampened my sponge and began pouncing, lightly, turning the sponge every so often so as not to get too regular a pattern.

Liked that but it needed some punch.  They acrylic paint goes a bit matte when it dries.

I grabbed the roll of cling film I used to lay over the one I did a week or so ago and wadded it up a bit then used it to apply some Distress ink over the paint.  You can’t really see it very well, but a loosely gathered wodge of cling film gives a really cool impression – you really want the edges and not just a flat tight smooth surface.

Maybe you can make this out:

Perhaps not 🙂

I rolled on some black paint to my home-made spotty stamp and stamped some of them, then I took a fresh (but old and unused) alphabet stamp sheet and peeled off a few of the letters.  I rolled on some paint and used that as a stamp, applying it a bit randomly and not pressing down fully.

Then I got up RIGHT AWAY and washed it off.

Love the effect. I have a few sheets of small stamps that I have bought (usually very cheaply) and never used as they are a pain to stamp with.  I have the little wood mounted sticks and I use them all the time.  I’m pleased to have found a great way to use these finally.

I added a black foam stamp and the number 9 (which I painted and coated with Glossy Accents) and am calling it done!

I just cannot capture the depth this one has.  The sponged paint gives it a texture, and the sponged on DI is subtle but brighter over the paint.  The letters are rimmed where the paint squigged up and some of the dots deposited colour where some look almost shadow like.

I really must try to clean a bit.  I can’t see me getting anything nice done with all the ink and paint, despite the newspaper!