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Important note! One user commented the scoring marks on the templates were too close together for the card she used.  Ruth re-did the plain template and will re-do the Oval one.  They are now in Dropbox, here. Download the ones with MORESPACE in the name for the improved versions! If you plan to print and hand score/cut then the originals are fine, no need to grab the improved ones.

As promised I am adding the single page templates.  The smaller one (Romantic version)is without the a and the bigger one (Get Well version)has it in place as it won’t be seen after assembly.

I also have been sent an SVG by the lovely Ruth.  She created it in MTC and sent a MTC file format too!   I can’t append any of those formats here but I can add it to Dropbox, where you should be able to download it.    One of the SVGs has the oval in place, the other is plain, for you to use whatever you like to create the aperture.  click the links to see the download files.  Thank you Ruth!

I have not tested them, as I only have the baby Cricut and they are too large. but PLEASE LMK if there is any problems with them.