Insanely complex card


Did the title put you off  or intrigue you?

I had one of those ideas that you get sometimes and I wanted to figure it out.  It took me AGES to create this template.

It doesn’t look like much, does it?  I’ll bet you are thinking Well, interesting, but what can I do with that?! Would you believe this?

Shall we untie the ribbon?

and a better shot

and finally, from the top:

The funny thing is that although it takes some time to make (there is a lot of cutting and scoring and folding and sticking) it really isn’t as hard as all that.

I’ll be sharing the template and the instructions, maybe tomorrow, maybe not (DS is headed back to Uni on Saturday and is hoping for a favourite meal for dinner and a suitcase full of clean clothes so it will depend on that) but to be honest many of you will see the template and know what to do.  But it was fun to make and I have LOADS of ideas for other projects with the same basic idea.

Hope you like it.

13 thoughts on “Insanely complex card

  1. I am so happy I stumbled onto your site….I think this prodject is just beautiful….I tried the svg and it works but I did find a small problem with it.The hash marks to mark the fold lines are to close together and the card stock rips on those fold lines while working with it..Other than that it was fine.I took a picture of the one I made but don’t see how to post it.

    • Cheers – I’ll pass it on to the person who created it and see if she can fix that. And I don’t think you can post your photo here but if you have a blog or someplace you post your work, you can add a link and I can go look at it. If not if you add your email (which only I will see) I can email you and you can reply with the picture. The *O* can post it! Very convoluted to be sure, but it will work.

      So glad you liked it 🙂

      Mary Anne

  2. I have no idea why you are only 86 on crafty blogs your work is brilliant and always new and developing much better than some of the blogs in the top 10. Thankyou for your generosity etc. I always keep your tutorials etc and it gives me inspiration. Thankyou again

    • You are very kind! But if I’m honest, I know I don’t take the time to stage photos very carefully, or to light them well. I am always just so eager to share the IDEA more so than MY work. So I am more likely to throw out an idea with a sample, less so to think to come back every time with my final project. I am more about the process, I guess. And my blog is not one of the “pretty” ones, is it? But I do thank you for your comment.

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  4. OK, you got my interest going! Love this project, I can see so many ideas for it in my head!

  5. This looks amazing. I look forward to the instructions!

  6. Wow what a complex looking card.

  7. This is fantastic!! You are so very patient and clever!

    (I’ve now learnt not to comment on blog using my full email coz it always wants be to login and I lose every thing I typed! But it does mean my little cart a spider doesn’t show up as the picture!

  8. Wow this is absolutely gorgeous. You are a very clever lady.

  9. This looks very intriguing!

  10. That is amazing! Will so have to do for my anniversary. Will and you pix! 🙂

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