Insanely complex card

Did the title put you off  or intrigue you?

I had one of those ideas that you get sometimes and I wanted to figure it out.  It took me AGES to create this template.

It doesn’t look like much, does it?  I’ll bet you are thinking Well, interesting, but what can I do with that?! Would you believe this?

Shall we untie the ribbon?

and a better shot

and finally, from the top:

The funny thing is that although it takes some time to make (there is a lot of cutting and scoring and folding and sticking) it really isn’t as hard as all that.

I’ll be sharing the template and the instructions, maybe tomorrow, maybe not (DS is headed back to Uni on Saturday and is hoping for a favourite meal for dinner and a suitcase full of clean clothes so it will depend on that) but to be honest many of you will see the template and know what to do.  But it was fun to make and I have LOADS of ideas for other projects with the same basic idea.

Hope you like it.