WOYWW 151 – masterboard and homemade stamps

Hello all.  Happy WOYWW.  Do pop round Julia’s Stamping Ground to see what that funny, unpronouncable acronym is all about (I say WOWEE, right or wrong. How about you? Let me know in the comments and we can compare)

My desk is a disaster, as usual.  I am working on a masterboard for a super-secret project.  I’ll share one day soon. You can see it’s red, and some of the stuff I used and some bits cut out.

Those two odd things on black?  They are some stamps I made.  I wanted a dotty stamp that was different to the TH one I have but no patience to wait to order one and for it to arrive so I looked at my stash and thought How can I make what I need? Easy peasy, actually.

I took a bit of fun foam and a hole punch and an unmounted stamp sheet that had a fair bit of plain red rubber around the stamps as yet uncut. I punched out a whole pile of circles with a standard hole punch – I don’t think most scrappy ones would be strong enough

I used a holes template to mark the grid od circles, dotten on some glue and stuck the red rubber dots to it.  And let it dry.

It was sticky-backed fun foam so I stuck that to a bit of embossing folder packaging (nice big flat area) and I can then either use it flexible or stick it to a mount with repositionable adhesive.

Worked a treat. The other one, the lines are from the edging of the stamp sheet, the raised surround.  It’s not meant to be journaling lines, more a texture/design.  You can see how it stamps in the red masterboard.  I think I would do more of these, with different dotty patterns, as I need them.  Simple, cheap, and immediate.  Three of my favourite things!

Now, I think I need to clean up a bit.  What do you think?


Note:  GRRR. Between the no-comment-box and the word verification thing I am having a frustrating WOYWW day.  If you get an email from me instead, bon’t think it’s spam.  When I see something fabulous and can’t comment I try to email instead.  But even if you don’t see a comment from me I quite possibly have been to visit.  🙂