Chevron card – quick fold


Yesterday I highlighted a layout by UKS member Daphnie on the HomePage. The whole time I was creating the BlogBits section it was preying on my mind.  Where had I seen it before?  As often happens, overnight my brain ruminated on it and by the time I woke up I knew.  My folded corners!  Although I have done it more recently as a YouTube video here (and that one is about decorative corners), you have to go right back to 2001 and my 2Peas gallery (which no longer exists)to see the original. I used vellum for the sample so you can clearly see the folds, I think, much better than you can with opaque paper.

Oh dear, the state of my scanner at the time! Shocking. Anyway, it turns out the folded strip that forms the corners actually makes a chevron shape before you cut it apart!

Now, the tutorial Daphnie linked to makes really nice chevrons, but there is a lot more involved to get the smooth face with no paper-edges on view.  If you want that look, that is the way to go.  But for what it’s worth, here’s my way.

Firstly, you want to begin with paper weight paper, not cardstock.  My feeling is it is just too thick.  If you disagree, ignore me.

Cut as many strips from a 12×12 sheet as you like.  I did three. Now, the width is up to you. I show both 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch versions.

I ink the raw paper edges.  It keeps the white back from showing.  But it’s not essential.

One of my top tips is to use the edge of the ink pad to ink edges.  Works fab for scallops, where you can slip the point of the corner into the scallops. But I am getting sidetracked.

Run adhesive all along the back of the strip.  This will secure your folds asyou make them.

Watch the video or use the 2Peas info and fold your strip.

When you get done folding, do NOT cut the strip.  You can pick which side you prefer – I like what is really the back of the strip, as I think the vertical folds enhance the chevron effect. You may prefer the front, which is more of a zig zag.

Now just stick them to the card front.  Be conscious of the folds and where they fall at the card edges.

Trim off the excess and finish up with whatever decoration you like.

This uses the 1/2 inch strip.  The 3/4 inch strip gives bigger (but fewer) chevron shapes. But they still fit across the 5×7 card, almost better as you can line up the first fold at one edge.

Maybe this shows it more clearly.

I do so love when what is old becomes all new again!

4 thoughts on “Chevron card – quick fold

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  2. TFS this tutorial. I haven’t made a layout with chevrons yet, always thought it was too fiddly. Now I think I’ll try it. I pinned this post so I can find it back later ;-P

  3. I saw Daphne’s lovely version but i like how the vertical folds really do enhance the chevron effect. Will be coming back to this (at some point) to have a go 🙂

  4. What another fab way to make chevrons! I definitely will give those a try! Thanks so much for sharing and linking back to my blog! xxx

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